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a cartoon version of kuwa jasiri in a pink dress with the bold words MY ZINES. A background of wheel flowers with leaves.
a cartoon version of kuwa jasiri in a pink dress with the bold words MY ZINES. A background of wheel flowers with leaves.

In 2020, in response to COVID-19, we transitioned all our current zines online. They are available in electronic and printable double sided formats. Along with some videos. We acknowledge the need for accessible spaces for differently abled and disabled folks. We recognize that our shift initially was to aide able folks. Now we do better!

My paper zines are available at Brown Recluse Zine Distro, Minnesota Center for Book Arts and ‘Los Angeles’ Libraries. Although my zines no longer come with Home Harvested Seeds.

Learn more about my creative style in this video. If you get anything out of this experience please donate.

Spread of our 11 zines on a blue striped cloth
Spread of our 11 zines on a blue striped cloth

Beautifully Brown, that is me! sequel to like me, showcases my transformation from hurt to worthy and finally displays Be Brave Art Show despite the racism + genderphobia. Printable version.

Birds, Bees + Beyond is a basic interpretation of Pollinators and their vital role in our ecosystem. Printable version. Video outline.

Come Out, Come Out is about my genderqueer identities and my journey of getting to know Self. A half page accordion style zine. Printable version. Video.

Diné: Our Survival Is Bound To Theirs is a collection of articles and other resources combined to tell the story of the Diné/Dineh/Navajo people and their 60+ years of resistance to preserve their culture and way of life. Moving and raw, this is a reminder of how our survival is intertwined. Printable version.

Fierce Together: A Truth Magazine is an invitation for society to do better. Bringing to the surface harmful behaviours by people, government + media. Printable version. Bedtime story read aloud video.

First Aide To Face Adversity is co-created by an Herbalist and Street Medic. A decolonial first aide primer + herbal reference guide featuring bilingual content. Printable version.

How To Use Herbal Medicine is a basic outline of non-appropriative herbal solutions that offer care for your mind, body, and soul. Printable version.

Sacred Land is a how to for folks interested in becoming a regular supporter at Black Mesa on the Diné Reservation. Printable version.

Self Care: The Only Way Is Through outlines liberatory processes designed to nourish, build and gain tangible skills to tend your wounds. Printable version. Video

Seed Keeping is an invitation for folks to return to traditional ways. A Playful way to explore the intersections of social and environmental. Printable version. Video.

Wild Wisdom about the ways Nature behaves absent of humans. Accompanied by educational illustrations, this zine is great for broadening your understanding of the Natural world! Printable version.

“I am so excited to read these zines. Seed Keeping which I purchased earlier was such a pleasure to read. I am part of a botany study group with some friends where we read all these long academic articles. Somehow, you managed to distill so much of what I had been reading about into a single zine, all while filling it with joy and play. And you inspired me to save seeds from my garden for the first time!” —Maya, Seed Lover and Patron