The majority of resources listed below are BY US, FOR US
Genderqueer People Of Heritage (Of Colour) spaces or center us.

If any resources cause you harm, we will advocate for you and hold them accountable.

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two outlined hands hold a black heart with the words Protect. Above is We will and below is each other!
two outlined hands hold a black heart with the words Protect. Above is We will and below is each other!

Personal Growth | Accountability
Conflict Engagement Protocol
La Conextion (Addiction Coach)
Transgender Law Center
Afro Femme Sobriety Club
Sexual Education

Publishing / Literature
Inclusive Bookstores National Directory
Multicultural Children Books
People of Color in Publishing Network

National Reparations Coalition
Land Reparations List (articles)
Reparations Now Toolkit

Indigenous Led
Climate Action Organization
Action Media

Abolition | Shut In Pen Pals
Black And Pink
Abolitionist Organizing and Transforming Justice by Mariame Kaba
Decolonizing Medicine (Podcast)
Allied Media (film support)
Native Language Keepers (film and organization)
Interrupting Criminalization

Pale (white) Folks
Accomplice?! Drop the performance
Interrupting + Dismantling

Mutual Aide | Disaster Relief
Mississippi‘ – ‘Texas’‘Hurricane Ida
AsiansCOVID-19 / Coronavirus
Resilience is in our blood article
Herbalist Viral respiratory recommendations
Washington’‘Colorado’ + request form

Rewilding | Wild Foraging
Wild foraging with Alexis Nikole

Seeds Saving | Gardening
Seed Library Network
African Diaspora collection of Seeds (store)
Kitazawa Seed Company (Asian owned)
Native Seeds S.E.A.R.C.H. (Indigenous led store)
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (Afro managed store)
Indigenous Seed Initiative (Indigenous Store)
Seeds and their people(radio show)
SeedBroadcast agriCulture Journal
Food & Land Sovereignty Resource List
Ask A Sista Farmer (Afro skillshares)
Farming While Haitian/Jewish: Soul Fire Farm’s Liberation on the Land
Land Justice: Re-imagining Land, Food, and the Commons
Cultural Conservancy Videos (Indigenous stewards)

“I’m so grateful for how quick and thorough you are with these connections and resources. I can’t wait to check them out!”
Janeé Harris (she/her), Council Member

Genderqueer + Trans
Translash (trans based news and media)
Radical Intersectional Resource Directory
Literature List
Queer Zest Zine Fest
Stitchbug Studio (cloth packers)
Kinky Queer Weekend Event
Refuge Restrooms Safer National Locations
The Marsha P. Johnson Institute
One Colorado

Fertility / Birth / Abortion / Miscarriage / Postpartum
Queer + Pregnant Journal
Pregnancy Support Directory

13 people of heritage cuddle while napping in bright blankets
13 people of heritage cuddle while napping in bright blankets

Mental Health / Emotional Support
National Queer Trans Therapists of Color Network
Autism Resources
Jane Adams Collective
My Grandmothers Hands Book – how the impacts of racism show up in the body
Vimalasara Mason-John: free course + meditations
Navigating Relationship Safety (military hotline)
PO.C. Healers
Therapy Funds

Trace of Syon Rest Coach
7 Types of rest
Rest For Resistance
The Nap Ministry
Sleeping Bear Lodge (pale folks owned Dark Room Retreats)

Black Dust 2 Onyx Deck rests on an altar
Black Dust 2 Onyx Deck rests on an altar

Magik + Spirituality
Dust 2 Onyx Melanated Divination Deck
The Old African American Hoodoo System Book
Slave Religion: The Antebellum South book
The Afro Trans Prayer Book of Spells
Kemetic Yoga, Eqyptian: Intro, Story + Sun Salutation

Telegram Messenger (open source, encrypted)

Herbal Medicine
Jam Ham Herbals (Afro genderqueer owned)
Sophie the Herbalist (Afro videos)
Two-Spirit Medicine    (Indigenous owned)
Herbalism Course + Bulk Herbs (Afro Apothecary)
Fox Trot Herb Farm (People Of Heritage discount)
Dehydrated Mushrooms + Growing Kits
Long Walk Spring (Afro Owned Apothecary)