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Our Multi-Cultural Center and Heritage Gardens

Find your FAMILY. on a black background. FAMILY in bubble letters contains all the gender/queer flags.
Find your FAMILY. on a black background. FAMILY in bubble letters contains all the gender/queer flags.

Greetings, Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido!

Some folks know we been working on getting land. it is a journey. COVID-19 slowed down our momentum and we got rejected from all our community center grants. As meeting up was a no no! Of course COVID-19 continues to weaken our community, along with the rise of Skin Pox. The only difference is I am no longer taking “NO” for an answer to the question, Can we have stable, long-term housing?

I am back in the office exploring ways to obtain a permanent space to grow our efforts. We need your support in naming our community center, intentional land community, heritage gardens. Please comment below or contact us with your ideas!! Currently shared are Spiritual Dose. Connective Roots.

We seek a multi-acre location that is in town containing a house hooked up to utilities. On Pueblo, Apache, Acoma, Coyoereo, Santo Domingo, Faroon, Mimbrano, Jamano, and other Original Inhabitants land. Colonially named Albuquerque, New Mexico. Especially those located in the South Valley. 

To receive land and form a collective land trust. Provide a consistent space for vulnerable community members to learn, commune, live, rest, have access to healthy foods and wellness services.

Centralize our long-term, zero waste, cooperative efforts. A multi-generational, sober, accessible support system that features a community garden, native landscape, laundry facilities, buying club, programming, food distribution, health treatment space, gift shop, free box, commercial kitchen, inclusive bathrooms, homeschool, community rooms, performance space, art gallery, Seed library, affordable housing, and emergency shelter.

Uplift the spirits of queer and trans folks of the global majority through self and land preservation. In reverence and respect for the Land we will establish connections with tribal members, organizations and individuals so they continue to access and govern their native lands.

Our long-term queer and trans residents of culture have annual incomes <14,000$.

This is an opportunity for folks with privilege, skills, community connections and generational wealth to transform society. 

If you are serious about liberation for all, contact us.

Dark Skin Afro person with black afro, jewelry and green googles says dear white people your work has just begun. social media image source unknown.

“Revolution is based on land. Land is the basis of all independence. Land is the basis of freedom, justice and equality.” – Malcolm X

Land is our way back to our culture, our lifeways, ourselves.

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