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Resource Return + Racial Reckoning

Dark Skin Afro person with black afro, jewelry and green googles says dear white people your work has just begun
Dark Skin Afro being with black afro, jewelry and green googles communicates dear white people your work has just begun

We educate about and facilitate Community Based Reparations where privileged folks return resources (reparations + Rematriation + Repatriation) and make amends for (micro)aggressions (generational, societal and interpersonal) to marginalized folks through our organization. We are the bridge because interacting directly with privileged folks can be draining, emotional, triggering, dramatized and/or fake causing exulansis based fatigue.

We focus on three main areas of resource return:
Reparations: Afro centric repair for chattel slavery, can be financial, land, education, care, therapy, or other resources. This can be mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual opportunities.
Rematriation: Is a return to land-based lifeways an initiative started in the Turtle Islander community. These resources can be land, wildland stewardship, renewable energy, natural body/hair care, cultural education, and/or decriminalization of ethnic and indigenous ways.
Repatriations: Is the return of people to their Ancestral places and lands. This can be in the form of tickets, tours, hotels, transportation and adventuring money.

We are creating a world that is accountable for past harms including slavery, colonialism, genocide, and other material, emotional, spiritual and moral abuses. We uplift faith-based, curative and ethically centered frameworks that demand accountability for the past and present world dynamics created by European mediocrity.

We aim to create a culture of resource return that emerges from spiritual practice, transformative education and sustained action.

Join us to commemorate freedom. Freedom, storically refers to the largest event of emancipation of enslaved people in “Savannah, Georgia” after the Civil War.  The event led to Field Order Fifteen (Forty Acres and a Mule), which was later revoked.

We believe resource return is a spiritual practice – join us in our efforts to create a culture of repair. #BeginWithReparations

We require all pale (European) folks in our community to RETURN RESOURCES. If you are unable to be accountable to the truth, remove yourself from our community. All you are doing is perpetuating harm. Which is problematic and dismissive. Make no mistake, reparations and other forms of racial reckoning (LandBack/Rematriation/Repatriation) are the RETURN of stolen, withheld, and/or usurped resources, basic dignities, recognition, and remedies. While we humbly accept these returns, they are NOT donations, gifts or other forms of mutual aide. Act accordingly.

If you are serious about liberation for all, GIVE! #BeginWithReparations





Directly to Community Members

give to marginalized friends/peers regularly

start a fundraiser on someone else’s behalf

Truth Telling

Learn the truth about colonization, Turtle Islander genocide and chattel slavery. Learn your family and ethnic role in the economic conquest of global oppression. Learn the current ways you contribute to anti-blackness. Share your story and truth with your peers who have similar identities as yours.

Take An Oath

Before you make a soul binding Oath. Get consent from a Buddy to hold you accountable on your journey. Choose an Oath that is obtainable over the next 1-5 years.

Oaths are

The teal Ocean rolls towards the peach sand shore towards the word Pause
The teal Ocean rolls towards the peach sand shore towards the word Pause
  • action based solidarity measures
  • move the collective whole towards liberation for all and utopia
  • edge play. pushing towards the edges of or beyond your comforts (materially, emotionally, spiritually and physically)
  • supported by peers with similar identities (Buddy)
  • to be held with pride and expressed openly

In a ceremonial way present your Oath to the Universe/Spiritual Realm binding yourself to a specific action(s) for up to 5 years.

If your Oath no longer serves you, it can be voided once one single large, edge pushing action (agreed upon with your Buddy) is completed. Then reflect with your Buddy on why your Oath did not serve you and what you can do to better use your life in service to marginalized folks.

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