Free Spiritual Care Pack | Fall Programs

Full Moonbefore Autumn EquinoxPause to reconnect with genderqueer people Beautiful Beings, As you know we support, affirm and prioritize genderqueer People Of Heritage with our many liberatory programs and services for the last decade. Our offerings are also available to pale (European) queer + trans and all People Of Heritage. Please apply for the below… Continue reading Free Spiritual Care Pack | Fall Programs


October Schedule | Liberation Meditation

Full Moonbefore Autumn EquinoxPause to reconnect with genderqueer people Bright rising, Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido! Our Liberation Meditation Group is for genderqueer People Of Heritage Only. Genderqueer is an umbrella term we use for identities such as Gender Fluid, Non-Binary, Genderqueer, Gender Variant, Intersex, Agender, Bigender, Transgender, Pangender, Third Gender, Gender Neutral, Two-Spirit, X Gender and… Continue reading October Schedule | Liberation Meditation


Free Meditation On Saturday 9/12

blue, white and green border swirls into a purple circle with the words TAKING UP SPACE! Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido! I am facilitating a FREE Liberation Meditation for queer and trans People Of Heritage this Saturday (September 12th) at 11a.m. Eastern. Spread the word. The intention of this workshop is to explore liberatory ways to take… Continue reading Free Meditation On Saturday 9/12


Building An Altar | Video

Waning Moonbefore Autumnal EquinoxPause to be silly! Beautiful Beings, Beinvenido! Nourishment At Home Captioned Video Series is back in full swing! Consider joining our Youtube Channel for new videos Moonly. Through the art of storytelling we make accessible, educational videos about our natural rhythms, rematriation, rest, garden workshops, homesteading, spiritual practices, showing up for us,… Continue reading Building An Altar | Video


Shop 10% OFF! | Merchandise Sale

Sticker designs of Indigenous People, Archers, Pollinator Poems and Juneteenth Celebration. Beautiful Beings, Use and Share the code SUNSET to get 10% off everything in our store. This promo code is valid NOW through Tuesday night (September 7th) at 11:59pm PT.  We value your labour and want to honour your great work with a 10%… Continue reading Shop 10% OFF! | Merchandise Sale