Giving Tuesday | ‘Tis The Season

A brown hand reaches towards a white hand offering resources with a red heart. Moon Phase: Waxing MoonSun Phase: early WinterPause: to give gratitude Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido! Giving Tuesday takes place every Sun cycle on the Tuesday after National Day Of Mourning, and is an opportunity for solidarity, generosity, and mutual aide. Giving Tuesday is… Continue reading Giving Tuesday | ‘Tis The Season


Rest As Reparations | Get What Is Yours

Rest As Reparations 2023 Zine Cover - 3 Afro folks with varying skin tones and painted faces. An Afro being rests while in a greenhouse. A pink candle is lit. Moon Phase: Waning MoonSun Phase: late AutumnPause: connect with Source/Spirit Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido! We educate about and facilitate Rest practices. Stay tuned for our Rest… Continue reading Rest As Reparations | Get What Is Yours