Differently Abled, Disability Justice

Beautiful Beings, Beinvenido! Sacred Bodies in yellow is surrounded by 5 community members with different body types We are an intersectional community taking some moments to center temporarily and chronically disabled, genderqueer, People Of Culture. Who most likely have many more identities than the three listed. Our method of centering these folks is by -educating… Continue reading Differently Abled, Disability Justice

seasonal programming

Spiritual Birthwork Summits in 2023

We are celebrating 10 years! Moonly ConnectionMoon Phase: Waxing MoonSun Phase: late SummerPause to move your body / dance! Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido! Our first Wellness + Play Summit, Thriving Togother: Leadership Summit was a sweet treat! An attendee joined our Council after the Summit, welcoming them details on the horizon. All other attendees were already… Continue reading Spiritual Birthwork Summits in 2023


Seeds Sale + Sabbatical

Beautiful Beings, We are amped up this Spring. We revamped our programs which now offer our leadership staff the nourishment and joy they seek in their work. We have new offerings so check out our website. With The New Moon, we are pleased to announce our first offical SEEDS SALE! With Seeds we harvest in… Continue reading Seeds Sale + Sabbatical