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Waning Moonearly Autumn SunPause to find joy Support Intersex Afro creatives. a brown person in a pink dress holds intersex flag Bright rising, Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido! Congratulations to us!! We officially have our merchandise available for folks. A wide range of original designs and poetry to accentuate the interests of our community. From insects to… Continue reading Shop Our Merchandise


September Schedule | Liberation Meditation

Waning Moonearly Autumn SunPause to reconnect with Self Bright rising, Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido! Our Liberatory Meditation Group is for genderqueer People Of Heritage Only. Genderqueer is an umbrella term we use for identities such as Gender Fluid, Non-Binary, Genderqueer, Gender Variant, Intersex, Agender, Bigender, Transgender, Pangender, Third Gender, Gender Neutral, Two-Spirit, X Gender and folks… Continue reading September Schedule | Liberation Meditation

centering blackness

Afro August | A Legacy Of Rebellion

Beautiful Beings, Bright Rising and Bienvenido! It is Afro August and we want to take a moment to celebrate with our community! Afro August. An image of Harriet Tubman, The conductor of the underground railroad. The festivities include - a party. Singing, music, dancing, drumming to the rhythm of our ancient teachings. -Ancestral altars. leave… Continue reading Afro August | A Legacy Of Rebellion


Zine Making Service

Bright rising, beautiful Beings! I am working on living my best life! which means making more educational and personal narrative zines. Currently I am working on a bunch of zines; one about Rest, Funding Our Movements, My Gender Journey part 2 and the other Plants As Medicine. I want to offer my storytelling out into… Continue reading Zine Making Service