Why Support Our Work?

“I started Authentic Creations to offer my land based skills to those in need around me.”-kuwa jasiri Indomela, Seed + Medicine + Birth Keeper Patreon Paypal legacy giving merchandise land a Seed sprouting with the intentions of our community. Design by Christin Our grassroots initiative advances mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. Foundation grants, business… Continue reading Why Support Our Work?


Annual Reporting + Favorites List

Patreon — ZINES — Donate — Youtube Beautiful Beings, Moon Phase: Half Waxing Moon Sun Phase: Winter SolsticeOur zine Sacred Land made S.A.P. Pressing Fave Zines of 2020 listMoment of Silence for our staff out doing the work. May we receive praise + rest Many of you may be wondering what is it that we… Continue reading Annual Reporting + Favorites List


Goals Met at our office!

Patreon — ZINES — Donate — New VIDEOS Beautiful Beings, Moon Phase: Waning Crescent Moon Sun Phase: WinterAfrican Diaspora Collection: TrueLove SeedsMoment of Silence for those of our Ancestry that carry Seed Bundles. Yes, Yes! We sent out around 600 ounces of herbal medicine, 17 Diné Families received traditional Seeds, 50 pounds of organic shelf… Continue reading Goals Met at our office!