Annual Reporting + Favorites List

Large tree with eye leaves, woven roots and snake trunk. flanked by a Cresecent Moon and Sun. Says Emerging Together


Beautiful Beings,

Moon Phase: Half Waxing Moon Sun Phase: Winter Solstice
Our zine Sacred Land made S.A.P. Pressing Fave Zines of 2020 list
Moment of Silence for our staff out doing the work. May we receive praise + rest

Many of you may be wondering what is it that we do at Authentic Creations. Well 2020 gave us more than we ever imaged and we rose to the challenge – as always. Because we take our jobs seriously.

To display our brillance Kelly Thrope of CatchAFire made a playful infographic of our total happenings. I made a Dine’ program specific image and we got our fiscal year budget to offer transparency to our community, sponsors and donors! If you need a musical soundtrack Syon Davis made this for us! or one by Queer Women Of Heritage in Film . **a few tracks contain N*word**

annual report 2019-2020 shows our strategic plan, who we serve, community impact, programs, cost of care, board of directions, ethics, contacts
image outlines Dine' Specific programs and how we rematriated 10 Seed varieties to 17 families.

We are so grateful to the sponsors that made this possible. Chinook Fund, Another World Is Possible, Emergent Fund, Just Fund, Seed Money, Community Members, Quallis, Rain Rose, Adaptive Seeds, Sow True Seeds, Burpee Organics, Native Seeds S.E.A.R.C.H., Epic Seeds, Fruition Seeds, Cooperative Gardens Comission, Private Seed Donors, Seed Saver, Southern Exposure, Hudson Valley Seeds, Renee Seeds. And our Board of Directions PTISAWQUAH, Mayo Buenafe-Ze, Ricchi Freeness, Hibisco del Mar and many volunteers. We are so grateful to all of you!

Check out previous accomplishments, and Annual Reporting 2018-2019.

As always we value you!

If you honour our work at Authentic Creations please consider donating, uplifting our work on your social platforms, joining our youtube channel and/or becoming and patron! Donations are matched by foundation grants and those with trust funds! yes!!

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