5 Ways To Give This Holiday Season

Sebastian waterfall in Taino territory, Boriken Moon Phase: Waning MoonSun Phase: before Winter SolsticePause to celebrate our 10 years of programming! As founding steward I, kuwa jasiri Indomela (the one / elle/ beauty/ king), study wild foods, birth work, Seed stewardship, and liberatory medicine to tend my own family traumas. As an intersex, genderqueer, polysexual… Continue reading 5 Ways To Give This Holiday Season


Building An Altar | Video

Waning Moonbefore Autumnal EquinoxPause to be silly! Beautiful Beings, Beinvenido! Nourishment At Home Captioned Video Series is back in full swing! Consider joining our Youtube Channel for new videos Moonly. Through the art of storytelling we make accessible, educational videos about our natural rhythms, rematriation, rest, garden workshops, homesteading, spiritual practices, showing up for us,… Continue reading Building An Altar | Video


Why Support Our Work?

“I started Authentic Creations to offer my land based skills to those in need around me.”-kuwa jasiri Indomela (the one/ellx), Seed + Medicine + Birth Keeper Patreon Paypal legacy giving merchandise e-zines + Seeds a Seed sprouting with the intentions of our community. Design by Christin Our grassroots initiative advances mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing.… Continue reading Why Support Our Work?