Celebrating Blackness

Divination Card Money features an Afro being with long black hair wearing white clothing and accessories with a hands full of Seeds. Outlined by green and blue art.


Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido!

Moon Phase: Full Moon Sun Phase: before Spring
The Most Influential African Descendants of 2020
Moment of Silence to send praise and gratitude to your dark skinned friends!

As most of you know we been in the spotlight lots lately! and justly so. We got the first women, Kamala Harris, who is multiethnic South Asian and African. At her inauguration the poet Amanda Gorman was another first.

I want to hightlight while there is lots to praise in being the first, it also shows how far we have to go to be truly an inclusive society.

Get your needs met and connect with Afro folks.

-traditional African medicine check out Seed Of Osun
-meditiation Awaken Your Ancestral Connection by Richael Faithful
natural hair vocabulary
Open Relationship with Mo’nique and Sidney podcast
-Article Ancestral Tech and the Future of the Black Body
Afro Community Driven Arts Cooperative
-Cultural Seeds from TrueLove Seeds
-Article on Black Eyes Peas + Greens By Michael Witty
-Afro poet Diane Exavier

Afro model with frown shadows on their face posed with a African continent necklace
Afro model with frown shadows on their face poses with an African continent necklace

As always we value you!

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