Grieving As We Compost Emerging Together Event

13 people of heritage cuddle while napping in bright blankets


Beautiful Beings,

Moon Phase: New Moon Sun Phase: before Spring
On Grief, Land and Ritual By: Richael Faithful
Moment of Silence to gather spiritual items for this ceremony of letting go.

Large tree with eye leaves, woven roots and snake trunk. flanked by a Cresecent Moon and Sun. Says Emerging Together

A great loss occurred in tandem with coronavirus. We cancelled our much anticipated event, Emerging Together on the west coast.

With so many other people, events, opportunities and lifestyles we grieve and compost Emerging Together.

4 organizers bundled up with a shiny, blue sky in the background

Let us take a moment of silence to honour the labour and love that went into planning this event.

Let us take a moment of silence for the missed connections and community building due to cancellation of this event.

I am so sadened. also enlivened. Please offer yourself kind tenderness as you grieve and compost this experience.

Remember to REST and the importance of rest on our journey towards liberation.

As we witness the NEW MOON glory create some intentions for the next Moon cycle.

Mine are to assess my relationship to rest, journal more and be in Nature circadian!

As always we value you!

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