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Moment to Pause and some prayers to those suffering in the youth.

As many of you know the south was struck hard with Winter storms. Many communities still continue to be with our electricity and basic neccessities. This post is about “Texas” please pass these along and comment other resources you know of.

I am also working on compiling resources for the communities of “Mississippi”.

Pandemic Philanthropy: Moving From Relief to Power

@austinmutualaid has a venmo
Houseless Organizing Coalition: https://linktr.ee/htx.hoc
Dallas mutual aid, Feed the People: https://feedthepeopledallas.com/
I’m not sure if this is the same as the above mutual aid for Austin,
but here’s a gofundme for Kick the Cold:
Mutual Aid Houston: https://www.mutualaidhou.com/
Southern Solidarity: https://southernsolidarity.org/

Document of mutual aide support

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