Free Meditation On Saturday 9/12

blue, white and green border swirls into a purple circle with the words TAKING UP SPACE! Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido! I am facilitating a FREE Liberation Meditation for queer and trans People Of Heritage this Saturday (September 12th) at 11a.m. Eastern. Spread the word. The intention of this workshop is to explore liberatory ways to take… Continue reading Free Meditation On Saturday 9/12


September Schedule | Liberation Meditation

Waning Moonearly Autumn SunPause to reconnect with Self Bright rising, Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido! Our Liberatory Meditation Group is for genderqueer People Of Heritage Only. Genderqueer is an umbrella term we use for identities such as Gender Fluid, Non-Binary, Genderqueer, Gender Variant, Intersex, Agender, Bigender, Transgender, Pangender, Third Gender, Gender Neutral, Two-Spirit, X Gender and folks… Continue reading September Schedule | Liberation Meditation


Grow your mindful practice

Patreon | Donate | YoutubeShop E-Zines +Seeds | Shop Merchandise Beautiful Beings, Bright Rising + Bienvenido! Moon Phase: New Moon Sun Phase: early SummerAuthentic Self meditation by: kuwa jasiriMoment to Pause to honour your relationship to Self After teaching a Elemental Meditation as part of metaDen's Reparations Clinic participants asked How do I grow my… Continue reading Grow your mindful practice