The community members welcome new Advisory Council Members
The community members welcome new Advisory Council Members

“You exploit what you merely value but you defend what you love.” -Wendell Berry, wise poet

Our esteemed council is made up of a small team of talentful professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. To join our Council reach out to us.

Each member embodies one of the seven directions as a cultural practice. North, South, East, West, Above, Below, and Center.

Mayo Buenafe-Ze (she/they) unapologeticly hugs a Tree while communing with Nature. Here to BuenaFunk it all up.

Mayo Buenafe-Ze (she/they)

Decolonial Culture Curator, West

Cultural Anthropology Professor at University Of San Francisco; Indigenous Food Sovereignty: Asian Cuisine

Mayo Buenafe-Ze is a bilingual immigrant and multi-ethnic Indigenous Filipinx (Ifugao, Itneg, Tagalog, Ilokano, Fujian Chinese) who has lived most of her life between the ‘Philippines’ and ‘California’. She is a scholar, educator, researcher, community organizer, food and cultural events experience curator. Their aim is to decolonize education by centering indigenous knowledge systems and practices, and supporting youth leadership and development through intergenerational mentorship.

She is currently based in Volvon territory of the Bay Miwok peoples along the foothills of Supemenenu (what is colonially referred to as Clayton, California near Mount Diablo).  Mayo’s superpowers are their infectious hype-up energy, serving up brujx magical foods to the community, speaking truth to power in oppressive systems, and dismantling preconceived limiting notions of what she can and cannot do with her sacred gifts. 

Janeé smiles with squined eyes and purple head wrap in from of a Prince poster.

Janeé Harris (she/ her/ hers)

Council Goddess, Inward

Community Organizer with People Of Culture housing collectives, and Denver Black Queer Collective

Janeé loves plants, food and animals. She finds joys when communing with Nature. She works in nonprofit communications and spends her free moments writing, dancing, roller skating and imbibing with plant medicine. She is a future co-owner of a People Of Culture collective for sustainable housing, rooted in cooperative living. As an organizer with the Denver Black Queer Collective I curate sacred spaces.

Syon Davis (they/she/he)

Syon (they/she/he) is an orange sweather and black jacket poses in front of a artfully painted wall
Syon (they/she/he) is an orange sweater and black jacket poses in front of a artfully painted wall

Experimental Collaborator with the Natural Elements, South

Co-Founder of Experiments in Freedom and a Rest Coach.

Residing on Muscogee Creek, Syon is a Black genderfluid neuroexpansive person loves spending time in their garden, foraging, swimming, and making people laugh. They are a facilitator and strategist who is deeply invested in the healing and transformation of colonized bodies. They are passionate about working with individuals and organizations to divest from exploitative systems and shift towards more expansive self-definitions and pleasure-centered ways of working.

In 1948, their paternal family migrated to Turtle Island from Yamaye (Kingston, Jamaica) while their maternal relatives migrated from Muscogee Creek & Cherokee territory (Alabama) to Taino territory (Southern California) in 1950. Giving her a deep interest in the lives of descendants of enslaved Africans and marronage in the western world. Syon is a multidisciplinary artist, experimenting with whatever medium is calling to him on any given day.

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