Founding Steward

kuwa jasiri squats facing a Plateau among desert plants and loose rocks. The one is wearing a pink off the shoulder long sleeve and red pants


kuwa jasiri Indomela
the one + elle + beauty pronouns
Seed + Medicine + Birth Keeper
Founding Steward of Authentic Creations Artistic Apothecary

Artistic Apothecary is a labor of love sparked from the ones Solidarity work with the Indigenous Diné Nation. kuwa jasiri (first name) is shaped from the compassion, patient storytelling and cultural sharing of Diné Elders, and carries these ideals over to their work as a founding steward.

The one infiltrates able bodied, pale (white) and cis led spaces, advocating for more marginalized leadership and resource return (reparations + rematriation). Recurating foundational components such as inclusive agreements, accountability practices, affinity gatherings, and centering marginalized identities. The one excels at functioning as liaison to the privileged and challenging the status quo through advocacy and coaching while forming genuine relationships as a national organizer.

Storyteller + Wordsmith + Coach

The one engages in international writing and speaking opportunities that affirm People Of Heritage / People Of Culture / People Of The Global Majority. As a intersex, genderqueer, polysexual, Ghanaian, Cuban, Spanish, Zulu, Creole descendant the one is immersed in cultivating their Ancestral traditions and is passionate about Seed stewardship and native Seed dispersal to offer wellness and rest to the Land, Watershed and the Original Seedkeepers.

kuwa jasiri peer studied wild foods becoming inspired to apprentice with Retired Midwife Daphne SingingTree at her home apothecary EagleTree Herbs. A graduate of the dynamic and ever evolving People Of Heritage Herbal Freedom School where we center our wellness stories and medicines. Currently enrolled in Seed Seva with Rowen White.


kuwa jasiri (the one) laughs while on the porch interacting with the container garden
kuwa jasiri (the one) laughs while on the porch interacting with the container garden


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kuwa jasiri wears a mask with jazz hands
kuwa jasiri has medium brown skin. Is wearing a blue and pink mask and a strappy black halter top and has arms raised with fingers separated and extended