Rapid Response



Moon Phase: Waning Half Moon
Sun Phase: before Fall Equinox

Music: By: Angel Haze – Moonrise Kingdom
Prayer: May you stretch your body and relieve tension.

We want to address the Asian based racism that flared up with corona virus. To do so we must be educated. COVID-19 spreads by nasal and mouth droplets that come into contact with the mouth and noses of others. In addition to spreading from feces (poop). This virus can stay active on surfaces for up to three nights. If you came into contact with this virus you are contagious for up to 14 nights. Unmasking Yellow Peril Zine

There are lots of great links in our previous blog post Emergency Response.

We used March to gather the needs of our community and find resources. In April we are receiving donations and launching our online campaign to raise funds to dispatch supplies. May is about linking folks up with Seeds and garden space while making herbal medicine and disinfectants. June we focused on distributing Sovereignty Care Packages complete with Seeds, herbal medicine, art, zines, hygiene, and organic shelf stable food. July we packed up our office. August we are in the process of a move!!

A brown hand palm up fingers a purple flower in a garden plot lined with bark. Other plants lively and green in garden bed.
Caressing the flowers of her labour


We are so grateful for all the donations of food, medicinal plants, Seeds, smiles and funds. You all make our work possible!! More specifically 1,200$ from Mutual Aide Disaster Relief and the folks that donated via our gofundme campaign.

Our volunteers are lined up at the ready although we do hope to be able to offer stipends since other forms of money making are stalled. It is important for us to care for our selves before aiding others – regenerative mutual aide. Burn out is all too real and showing up slowly among rapid responders.

Picture shows 3 gallons of vinegar flanking dehydrated herbs, zines and tea a top a marron blanket
Together we can!

(give and receive at these links)

Research some local bulk food distributors place orders with your neighbours and friends to lower upfront costs.

Rethinking the Apocalypse: An Indigenous Anti-Futurist Manifesto
Rules Grab More Power
Social Justice in a time of Social Distancing
COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE)
she knew which Monster to fight

Zines / Books
Finding Our Food Again Pt. I  
Small Presses Owned/Operated by People of Color and First/Native Nations
literary agents of color in the publishing industry.

Emotional Support
Dr. Vimalasara Mason-John
Eating Disorder Support
Theatre Podcast, Article

Herbal Medicine
Attending to Viral Respiratory Infections
American Herbalists Guild Resource List
Get Radical Boil Roots

Black Owned Farms & Food Gardens

Land For Farmers

Mutual Aide
Muslim Mutual Aid: COVID-19 Redistribution Fund
Colorado Artist Talents and Skills
How to Have a Great, Disabled Life
Parenting and Organizing

Relief Funds
COVID-19 Artist Resources

Connection / Online Platforms
Black Halifax
Jitsi Meet
Hire An Artist

A poster designed by youth of colour that reads in bold YOUTH OF COLOR with a thick line under it. Below that is two sections on reads "Don't judge a book by it's color" and the other lists fun, awesome, safe place, place to trust, kind people, and never get judged.
A poster designed by/for youth of color!



As customary for the last 10 years, we plan to survey our community for feedback on our programs, requests for the future, cultural sensitivities, venues, collaborations and general outline of personal needs which are always implemented into the next round of organizational planning or alternative resources given. We encourage open communication between recipients, executives, board members and partner organizations so that we sustain bottom up equity in our organization.

We are humbly grateful for you, and value what you have to express. Email us! Or we can meet for tea!

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Thank you for valuing People Of Heritage and the work we do to keep our community in wellness. Donations are matched dollar for dollar and go towards cultural revitalization and spiritual tending.

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