Centering blackness

lapis peer support


Moon Phase: Waning Moon
Sun Phase: before Summer Solistice

Music: Battle Cry by Angel Haze featuring Sia
Prayer: May the world remember us when the rallies wane.

As you may know we are steadily making herbal medicine to keep our community in wellness.


As we approach a decade of service we are shifting our focus from Indigenous Turtle Island Communities to people of the Afrikan diaspora. This is an attempt to continue my personal inner growth as an Afrikan descendant and as an advocate for all People Of Heritage. In another decade we will shift our focus once again continuing to highlight the excellence in our community.

We welcome this shift in alignment with the rallies calling out police brutality and anti-black racism. We are in solidarity with this community and encourage you to SAY THEIR NAMES – Demetrius Shankling, Lauren Gothelf, George Floyd…

say their names

We observe Yoruba New Year (June 3) and Festival of Ọrúnmilà / Ifá (June 7) marking the 10,062th year of the west Afrikan Yoruba culture. We will celebrate Juneteenth (June 19)and invite you to celebrate with us, whatever that means to you! Juneteenth commemorates the June 19, 1865 announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas, and more generally the emancipation of enslaved African Americans throughout the former Confederate States of America.


Our action plan:

– Collect and rematriate Seeds of the west African diaspora
– Grow Heritage Seeds collectively using west Afrikan Indigenous farming methods
– Offer mental health and wellness to those in proximity to blackness
– Prioritize requests made by African descendants
– Celebrate pan-Afrikan holidays


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Thank you for valuing People Of Heritage and the work we do to keep our community in wellness. Donations are matched dollar for dollar and go towards cultural revitalization and spiritual tending.

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