Zine Making Consultations + Service

Bright rising, beautiful Beings! I am working on living my best life! which means making more educational and personal narrative zines. Currently I am working on a bunch of zines; one about Rest, Funding Our Movements, My Gender Journey part 2 and the other Plants As Medicine. I want to offer my storytelling out into… Continue reading Zine Making Consultations + Service


E-Zines Debut At Canzine Fest | May 8-15th

Patreon | Donate | YoutubeShop E-Zines +Seeds | Shop Merchandise Beautiful Beings, Bright Rising + Bienvenido! Moon Phase: Waning Moon Sun Phase: early SummerDeep Sleep meditationMoment to Pause to honour minerals Shop our zines in colourful cut out letters. kuwa jasiri leans on a zine WHY DO I MAKE ZINES? Upon turning in my article… Continue reading E-Zines Debut At Canzine Fest | May 8-15th