Zine Making Service

Spread of our 11 zines on a blue striped cloth
Spread of our 11 zines on a blue striped cloth

When the organization Mural Arts contacted me, the Founding Steward of Artistic Apothecary, about making an educational zine for their Pollinator Program, I was delighted. Together we crafted a playful, interactive, lighthearted primer full of bright, colourful images and original designs. Buist Park: Birds, Bees and Beyond is specifically tailored to Mural Arts’ program, community members and region. Mural Arts and I use this informational zine for workshops, cause awareness, community engagement and fundraising.

A community member came to me with many concerns about how our town made resources inaccessible to marginalized residents. Together we crafted an informative, tell all Truth Report exposing the injustices plaguing our neighbours. Using other anonymous testimonials I created a community zine where folks were able to share their authentic stories in a safe, supportive and liberatory way. Using our platform to raise awareness of marginalized experiences brings me great joy.

A shelf holds three zine titles. In the background is a Beehive poster

Here at Artistic Apothecary, we believe centering your narrative is important. We offer a storytelling platform that curates your topic(s) into accessible learning tools. Your custom zine will be hand-crafted using various mixed medium art forms: collage, writing, infographics, inks and pencil. Your interactive zine will feature original designs, colouring pages, games, Indigenous land acknowledgments, foreign language page numbers and other engaging components.

Through the art of storytelling, you can build community, spread knowledge, and support our organizational mission to be a resource for genderqueer People Of Heritage (Of Colour). This is an offering that we encourage our Allies and Accomplices to hire us for. Sales go towards the cultural revitalization and spiritual tending of marginalized ethnicities. Your investment is vital to keeping our community in rest. Thank you.

Buist Park Pollinator zine made for Mural Arts. cover has a tree surrounded by honeycomb
Buist Park Pollinator zine made for Mural Arts. cover has a tree surrounded by honeycomb

Learn more about working with me to create your own community zine!

Sample our e-zines so you can get familiar with my style, abilities, and the content I like to integrate and uplift.

Botanical Anatomy | Beautifully Brown, like me | Full line of E-Zines.

I offer my physical paper zine making service at 333$/zine + supplies for organizations and sliding scale for marginalized folks revealing their truth. From start to final draft takes a minimum of 3 weeks. You will have full copy and distribution rights to the zine I create for you. I also maintain the rights to copy the zine and will add it to my online store and workshops.

By participating in these ways you are celebrating me with equitable pay and enabling us at Artistic Apothecary to continue our community betterment initiatives.