centering blackness

Centering blackness | I pour love into myself

2 black Cormorants and 2 White/Gray Pelicans wade in the Lake. BEautiful BEings, Bienvenido! Moon Phase: Waning MoonSun Phase: before Fall EquinoxPrayer: May we rise as the monarchy falls. As you know I am about Liberation for all! Plus I know to get there I must uplift the most marginalized of us. Specifically in this… Continue reading Centering blackness | I pour love into myself

seasonal programming

Autumn Programs | Moonly Connect

Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido! 10th anniversary. The 10 is in bubble letter font. Filled with rainbow pastel. Moon Phase: Waning MoonSun Phase: early AutumnPause - summon all the beneficial parts of yourself back! Celebrating 10 years of service! Give your feedback. Autumn (in my culture) is upon us! August 1-October 3. This is the final phase… Continue reading Autumn Programs | Moonly Connect


10 Sun Cycles Of Service | Annual Reports + Victories

Showing our gratitude graphics outlines all the ways we are grateful! Moon Phase: Full Moon Sun Phase: FallPause summon back all the parts of yourself. Breath in/out.Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido, November 1, 2021 marked our 10th year of service to underrepresented communities especially those Of Culture, low-income and Genderqueer folks. This is our 5th year of… Continue reading 10 Sun Cycles Of Service | Annual Reports + Victories

centering blackness

Our Multi-Cultural Center and Heritage Gardens

Find your FAMILY. on a black background. FAMILY in bubble letters contains all the gender/queer flags. Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido! Some folks know we been working on getting land. it is a journey. COVID-19 slowed down our momentum and we got rejected from all our community center grants. As meeting up was a no no! Of… Continue reading Our Multi-Cultural Center and Heritage Gardens


Differently Abled, Disability Justice

Beautiful Beings, Beinvenido! Sacred Bodies in yellow is surrounded by 5 community members with different body types We are an intersectional community taking some moments to center temporarily and chronically disabled, genderqueer, People Of Culture. Who most likely have many more identities than the three listed. Our method of centering these folks is by -educating… Continue reading Differently Abled, Disability Justice