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on a wood floor there is 20 zines about decolonial and indigenous diets

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Beautiful Beings, Bright Rising + Bienvenido!

Moon Phase: Waning Moon Sun Phase: after Summer Solstice
Video: Seed Keeping Zine by: kuwa jasiri
Moment to Pause to connect with storytelling

While we tally up all our wonderful donations from our June Reparations Fundraiser this is a gift for you. ZINE AWARENESS is upon us! As you may know, in addition to many things we are a publishing platform. We amplify the stories of genderqueer People Of Heritage along with other marginalized identities. If you have a story you want amplified reach out to us.

I plan to make two new zines Rest + Plants As Medicine which will be converted into e-zines, available in my shop and free to patrons.

Want to read a e-zine. Here are two free ones I made.

Beautifully Brown, like me + Botanical Anatomy

Celebrate with us!

Create your own zine: be it your first or one of many! Pull out those markers, sharpen those pencils, refresh your typerwriter ribbons and make some zines! Share them with others, maybe post a picture in the comments.

Support the work of zinesters: Find zines at a bookstore, explore zines online, follow zinesters, join our youtube channel, check out our 2020 zine videos, donate and buy merchandise.

Shop our zines in colourful cut out letters. kuwa jasiri leans on a zine
Shop our e-zines in colourful cut out letters. kuwa jasiri leans on a zine

As always we value you!

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