9 Years of Service – Our Accomplishments

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Beautiful Beings,

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Multicultural Children: Lee & Low Books
Moment of Silence for multicultural representation.

November 1st marks our 10th year of service to underrepresented communities especially those Of Heritage, low-income and Genderqueer folks.

To celebrate we are boasting about our 8 years of success!! Stay tune this holiday season for our 9th year annual reports also our 3rd year of foundation grants and community support!

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We are growing, and blessed!

-11/2019: Received 58 pounds of hygiene from Scotch Porter for our Sustainable Care Packages

-9/2019: Sent out 30 Sustainable Care Packages totaling 80 Seed packages, 132 ounces of herbal medicine, 107 zines with some sexual health, hyigene and art.

-Summer 2019: Started Ghanaian and West Afrikan Seed Library

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-5/2019: Youth of Colour Block Party Herbal Clinic distributes 163 ounces of herbal medicine and 41 zines.

12/2018: Kwanzaa Senior Luncheon

-Complete a 3 show Dine’ Lifeways Tour honouring their art and culture
-Received LUSH funding for a second term
-Added 40 families to the Sustainable Care Package program
-Distributed 30 pounds of Native Grass Seeds for Wildland Restoration initiative
-support the Little Colorado River Watershed Chapters Association Dine’ Seed Lending Library by donating 5 pounds of culturally relevant Seeds
-23 pounds of Seeds for gardens to Dine’ families
-Dine’ Herbal Clinic distributed 340 ounces of plant based medicine!!

-4/2018: Sent out 47 Sustainable Care Packages

-12/2017: Sent 5 pounds of Native Seeds to Dine’ Regional Seed Library

*Winter 2017
– Establishing connections with Little Colorado River Watershed Chapters Association to make Dine’ Seed Lending Library
-Added 10 Dine’ Families to Sustainable Care Package program
-Establishing connections, and resources to provide theatre therapy, a mix of land, and people restoration.

-11/2017: Fall Caravan to Dinetah. distributed 238 ounces of medicinals, 5 pounds of Gardening Seeds, and 5 pounds of Native Seeds for Wildlands, and Watershed Restoration.

September 2017 – Received Lush Cosmetics Grant

-03/2017: Sent 20 pound Sustainable Care Package to Indigenous Dine’

-08/2016: Sent 40 pound Sustainable Care Package to Indigenous Dine’

-Educational Tour promoting that Public Libraries start Seed Lending Libraries, visited 6 rural communities.
-cofounded 3 Seed Libaries

Spring 2012 – Established relationships with Indigenous Dine’ Folks

A Trans flag in a Pride, and with 5 shades of People Of Heritage in a single fist -Flag
Trans, Pride, and People Of Heritage Flag

Thank you for valuing People Of Heritage and the work we do to keep our community in wellness. Donations are matched dollar for dollar and go towards cultural revitalization and spiritual tending. Your generous support grants us the flexibility to meet the most pressing needs our community.

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