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As the great Grace Lee Boggs taught us, “The Only Way to Survive Is by Taking Care of One Another.”

first aide cover

For us, People Of Heritage (Of Colour), our Ancestry was intentionally exposed to viruses and experimental testing disguised as health care and peace offerings. For us this moment can feel triggering, bring up ancestral trauma and cause distrust. To add to our suffering we live within a toxic individualistic society that has lost concern for collective care.

As for us, collective care is at our core. We are receiving donations to tend the needs of our community in this moment especially those infected with the virus, our elders, immune compromised and houseless. Please donate if possible.

If you need support sign up to get it!

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Research some local bulk food distributors to meet your dried food needs at an affordable cost, these vary by region.

Some facts about this virus also available in español
Decolonize Community Care (template for this newsletter)
Swift response critical

Safety Practices
Self Care
Multicultural Children Books
3 folks in the garden

Mutual Aide
Multilingual Resources and these
Mutual Aide Disaster Relief
Front Range Mutual Aid Network (occupied Colorado) plus request form
Denver community Mutual aide
List of resources 1 and 2
For Indigenous Folks
Collective Care by colonized state
Trans folks

This Moonly Newsletter is written by kuwa jasiri Indomela (the one/ellx/beauty), an Afro genderqueer Seed + Medicine + Birthkeeper + founding steward of Artistic Apothecary.
Consider supporting our rapid response work.
1. Send us money: join our Patreon, a single donation, shop our e-zines + Seeds + merchandise
2. Word Of Mouth: share our Moonly Newsletter + videos + flyers with friends, recommend our work to someone in need, join our youtube channel
3. Collaborate: hire me to make zines, facilitate workshops, have me on your podcast/platform
4. Engage: sign up for a coaching session or workshop

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