Annual Reporting

annual reports


Love the skin you are in. And a song to support your journey of sovereign-self-realization.

The New Moon is today! bask in all the glory, go inward!

2018-2019 was eventful. It also ends our 9th year of programming! wow!

We supported 250 Families and People Of Heritage with 63 pounds of Seeds, 640 ounces of herbal medicine, 240 Zines and 4 Cultural Celebrations.

For the full report visit: 2018-2019 annual report and our budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019

We are so grateful to continue this work and have this strong vibrant network with you! Let us move forward boldly.


What makes you feel beautiful?

what did you and your ancestry have/had to rebel against?

What makes you angry?

You can always email me your reflection responses and I will share them here

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