Theater  Therapy

Creative expression is part of our mental health and self worth building practice. It gives us purpose and shows our purpose.

Though the art of storytelling we craft theatrical shorts that depict the triumphs of marginalized communities, and ways to show up as our Allies/Accomplices.

Grow Together is a full length musical with vignettes based on therapy sessions (consent is given for their usage).

Following the playmaking style of LaMama spirit, Grow Together is a cross-pollination of

– monologuesSigil
-music & songwriting
– playwriting
-slam & poetry
-imagery & illustrations
-dance & choreography

May this collection of artwork create the deepest of connections.
Ancestry give us direction, remind us of your tactics, fortitude, and skills.
Descendants, may balance steady us along the way.

The curtain opens, revealing Grow Together a vignette musical. Collaborative and creative featuring interative, therapeutic and tangible solution based theatrical shorts. Each unique perspective exemplifies ways to shift out of our current dystopia towards a radical utopian future.

We seek original songs, vignettes, and monologues from a diversity of people with frameworks of decolonial, radical, and inclusive perspectives to inspire a journey towards utopia through art.

We seek financial contributions to support our vital work of creating inclusive, decolonial, radical solutions towards utopia through art.

Utopia: A harmonious society with individual and collective needs that acknowledges, values, and integrates all identities while holding all behaviours, and actions accountable.

Within the scenes we weave narratives for the return of Indigenous lands, cultural memory, the Age Of Abolition, tending our wounds, leveraging privilege, our natural rhythms, reparations, and climate balancing land restoration.

A vignette style similar to that of Every 28 Hours co-created by Dominic D’Andrea and Claudia Alick performed around Turtle Island.


Join us in making this transformation!!

Visioning a new world is possible! We want this musical to offer our collective hope by sharing our experiences and aspirations of liberation through art.

The play scenes can also be used independently as training skits.

If you have interest in collaborating in anyway please contact us. Thank you, we need you!

painted rainbow flag with about 13 colorsCurrent Scenes Written:

Scene Honouring The Cycles Of Life

Scene- Less Talk More Money