Our new logo features an rainbow star arc with an inner arc of our programs that are above a Sorghum plant
Our new logo features an rainbow star arc with an inner arc of our programs that are above a Sorghum plant


We honour the Indigenous Peoples as the original inhabitants and traditional stewards of the land. We work with many tribes and nations across the world. We denounce colonized terms for states, cities, peoples, continents, celebrations and nature as oppressive means to silence and erase Indigenous culture.

Find out whose Native land you live on.


Through the cultivation and distribution of cultural Seeds we affirm the societal greatness of genderqueer People Of Heritage. We work to reestablish sovereign governance, advocate for healthy food, land access, reparations, accessibility, abolition and accountability. We prioritize collective care, spiritual wellness and ancestral wisdom.

Since 2011, with our BY US, FOR US model, we center intersectionality, blackness, disabilities and those incarcerated.

Genderqueer is an umbrella term we use for identities such as Gender Fluid, Non-Binary, Genderqueer, Gender Variant, Intersex, Agender, Bigender, Transgender, Pangender, Third Gender, Gender Neutral, Two-Spirit, X Gender and folks that use pronouns such as they, them, theirs, it, the one, this one, that one, Mx, Ze, Hir, their names, and whatever fits them best!

People of Heritage / People Of Culture / People Of The Global Majority have family lineage originating from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America, Turtle Island (North America), and all other non-European descendants and ethnicities. Also known as People Of Colour and/or bi/multiracial folks.


Authentic Creations Artistic Apothecary aspires to create a world where:

People have basic dignities and are accountable to their actions and those of their ancestry. Reparations are given through redistribution of resources for the mental health and rest of the Global Majority.

Based on Indigenous and cultural sovereignty, we know who we are. We identify beyond the confines of race and gender, therefore naming ourselves and creating our own narratives.

Communities are strengthened through genuine relationships built upon trust, collaboration & witnessing the fullness of each member.

Stewardship of natural space is expanded so that we can accessibly connect to our natural rhythms, build friendships with non-human expressions of life, collectively use land, and restore nomadic lifestyles.

Validation, encouragement and cultivation of cultural and spiritual practices aides in the betterment of society.

Rest is understood as an essential part of living and community spaces exist for the purpose of replenishing and rejuvenating our bodies.

Creative expression fosters emotional release while bringing clarity and peace to the mind, body, and soul.

8 blue bell flowers and with slender leaves with 10 yellow petal flowers with wide leaves


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“Thank you for the seed packages you have been sending we have been developing our community garden and your packages are always a welcomed surprise.” 

— Kern Collymore, Little Colorado River Watershed Chapters Association, Diné Bikéyah Community Leadership Program

“You are SO INCREDIBLY KIND. I am honored and humbled by your generosity. I will absolutely share your gifts with my community, and uplift yalls work. doyu sgi boo; thank you sooo much.”

–Dominique Pearson, Healer, Herbalist & Cooperative Food Educator