Gatitude | Honouring Indigenous Peoples

A native person interacts with a yellow butterfly. We honour Indigenous People and their land

Moon Phase: Waning Moon
Sun Phase: before Winter Solstice
Pause: to receive gratitude!

Beautiful Beings, Bright rising, Beinvenido!

Upon entering Eclipse Season, we are slowing down, resting, turning inward, taking deep breaths, reflecting on what we learned this past Sun cycle and what we want to carry forward. At Artistic Apothecary, we are recommitting to our values of advocacy, solidarity, authentic expression, genuine relationships, play, and liberation for all.

“hihanni waste! I just had a group of packages make it to my home, thank you SO MUCH! I will distribute these throughout my community and distribute to those in need of these great medicines!” –Sasha, two-spirit, non-binary, queer Osage and Lakota person of Bvlbancha Indigenous Medicine Mutual Aid Collective

Nature Background. Our areas of Focus: Health Equity, Social Justice, Cultural Remembrnace, Environmental Stewardship
Nature Background. Our areas of Focus: Health Equity, Social Justice, Cultural Remembrnace, Environmental Stewardship

With your generous support, we have achieved many significant victories for our community in 2021. We distributed 1,700 ounces of hygiene, 38 cash stipends, 30 pounds of Seeds, 37 mutual aide packs, made 31 videos, sent 31 letters to 6 pen pals, took 1 Ancestral Land Return Trip with support from 8 apprentices and 99 volunteers.

In the midst of a multi Sun cycle, global, viral outbreak we take this moment to pause, give gratitude and value our community in solidarity with National Day Of Mourning. We at Artistic Apothecary are grateful for:

  • COMMUNITY – We exist to offer collective care to our amazing network of genderqueer People Of Heritage, cis People Of Heritage, genderqueer European folks, those who love and support us! Those who have shown up over the last decade to receive services, attend programming, donate, volunteer, finance, live and pass on our teachings. We supported 1,287 community members in 2021 with 9 program areas and a 31,208$ budget!
  • RELATIONSHIPS – Over the last decade we have nurtured genuine relationships built upon trust, collaboration & witnessing the fullness of each member. Over the last Sun cycle we doubled our number of volunteers and partnered with foundations that allow us to stay autonomous and community centered. A special thanks to the Indigenous Taino people, Urbe Apie, Huerto Feliz, and our fiscal sponsor Movimiento.
  • LEADERS OF HERTAGE – We are so grateful for genderqueer and queer Leaders Of Heritage. We will continue to nourish your journey, network and unite us for exponential rewards. Shine on! This world needs you and we love you! Thanks for sharing your gifts. A special thanks to our Council Members; PTISAWQUAH, Mayo, Janeé and Aleph.
  • REST – As founding steward I was able to take two vacations this Sun cycle and planning for a sabbatical in 2022! This is made possible by our wonderful volunteers and partnership with Catchafire.
  • STAFF STIPENDS – 2021 was our first opportunity in 10 years to give our staff and apprentices livable stipends for our work! We are so grateful for this narrative shift. Mutual aide work can be paid, restful and long-term. This was made possible by Chinook Fund, Another World Is Possible, Transformative Leadership For Change, our Seed Pack (patrons) and community donations.
A multi colour mountain view at Sunrise with the words below In Seeds We Trust
A multi colour mountain view at Sunrise with the words below In Seeds We Trust

What is in the works:

  • Seed Pack, Moonly giving circle via patreon (started 11/2021)
  • Thriving Together: National Leadership Conference (4/2022)
  • Our same great, evolving programming: Coaching, Seeds, Videos, Stipends, Pen Pals and Ancestral Land Return Trips
  • Increase our connections with differently abled and Middle Eastern leaders
  • Increase number of remote admin volunteers
  • Introducing our new Council Members Janeé and Aleph


Holiday Observation: Find out the truth of the holidays you celebrate. What are the stories you tell and narratives you uplift. Get clear on what you celebrate and why, who is harmed while you celebrate, shift your lifestyle and educate others.
Pray: light a candle, build an altar, be spiritual, commune with Ancestry, ground, meditate, body movement, rituals.
Use Traditional Medicines and Knowledge: Turn to your Ancestry and cultural practices to support your emotions, accountability processes and immune system.
Build Lasting Community: get to know those most vulnerable and become part of their network. Figure out strategies and ACT. Grow a plant they are our allies!
Go Outside: Bask in the Sunshine, play in the dirt and/or hug a Tree. Go deep into Nature, hang in a backyard, community park and/or garden! Learning the names and properties of the plants and other animals around you! YOU ARE NATURE!
Meet Up: Small groups physically distancing (6-8 feet), wearing masks and protective gear, sanitizing and observing hygiene regulations are safe and necessary for us as social creatures and to give/receive care of our most vulnerable. Especially if we meet up outside. Total isolation is a privilege. Remember vaccinations are optional.

As always we value you!

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