Building An Altar | Video

Mainy word archs outline our tutorial video themes in read and teal text.

Waning Moon
before Autumnal Equinox
Pause to be silly!

Beautiful Beings, Beinvenido!

Nourishment At Home Captioned Video Series is back in full swing! Consider joining our Youtube Channel for new videos Moonly.

Through the art of storytelling we make accessible, educational videos about our natural rhythms, rematriation, rest, garden workshops, homesteading, spiritual practices, showing up for us, music, collective land use, Indigenous stewardship, and genderqueer lifestyles including reproduction. Our accessible YouTube channel fosters a Nature based experience while honouring the emotional release of clarity, to the mind, body and soul.

Want a tutorial video on a specific topic, leave it in the comments!

Please support us in reaching our goal of 20 scribers before September 22nd, Autumal Equinox by joining our Youtube Channel.

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As always we value you!


Support Intersex Afro creatives. a brown person in a pink dress holds intersex flag
Support Intersex Afro creatives. a brown person in a pink dress holds intersex flag

Moonly Newsletter written by kuwa jasiri Indomela (the one/elle), an intersex, Afro and founding steward of Artistic Apothecary.
Want to become part of the solution?
Consider supporting our work.
1. Financially: join our Patreon or a single donation
2. Shop: our e-zines + Seeds or merchandise
3. Word Of Mouth / Engage: share our Moonly Newsletter + tutorial videos + flyers with friends and neighbours, recommend our work to someone in need
4. Hire me: to make zines, facilitate workshops, have me on your podcast/panel, to be your liberation coach
5. Wishlist: 2022 Wall calendar (themes: Moon, Plants, Seeds, Nature), gift cards, dehydrated herbs + spices, dehydrated fruits + foods, Seeds, rendered fat, oils, majikal items, healthcare treatments, hygiene items, letter writing + journaling tools, and/or remote administrative work.

Let us prove that grassroots, intersex, Afro led, mutual aide initiatives can thrive. Will you give your support so we reach our goals? TOGETHER WE CAN!

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