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Afro August | A Legacy Of Rebellion

Beautiful Beings, Bright Rising and Bienvenido!

It is Afro August and we want to take a moment to celebrate with our community!

Afro August. An image of Harriet Tubman, The conductor of the underground railroad.
Afro August. An image of Harriet Tubman, The conductor of the underground railroad.

The festivities include

– a party. Singing, music, dancing, drumming to the rhythm of our ancient teachings.

Ancestral altars. leave food, gratitude and praise offerings to those who fought for freedom.

storytelling. Remembering our continued rebellion against enslavement, racism, colonization, genderphobia and capitalism. Afro Feminist Jubilee on August 28th.

– actualizing. creating a culture of reparations, redistribution and self growth.

In a moment when governments, work spaces, corporations, and ignorant folks are calling for a return to the normal status quo, we remind you that:
There is nothing ‘normal’ about structural hate, economic exclusion, and the insidious ways that anti-blackness and hetero-cis-patriarchy continue to create systemic oppression in our lives and all other problematic things some have long referred to as normal.

Invest in Community Care
-at your workplace hire, educate, listen to Afro people.
-in your friend group hire and patron Afro owned spaces.
-in your mind dispel anti-blackness
and other colonial narratives.

Liberation Journaling prompts for Afro Folks

What do you long for in your intersectional life?

Where do you need to take action to achieve your best life?
What practices remind you of how precious your life is?
How can you be more grounded in self compassion and grace?
What practices align you with joy + liberation?
How can you celebrate yourself?

Adapted from Harriet’s Apothecary

Politically Incarcerated Comrades

We honour Ruchell Magee, who is the longest serving political prisoner in Amerikkka after 59 years of unjust confinement. At 82 years old, he continues to organize for the liberation of Afro people.

By writing him a letter we can ease some of the loneliness, isolation, and dehumanization he faces. Writing prompt: Imagine our utopian future world founded on liberation for all including Nature. A world where Ruchell is back with his family, peers and community. How to write to incarcerated folks?

Ruchell Magee
#A92051 #T 115
California Medical Facility
Post Office Box 2000
Vacaville, California 95696-2000

By investing your labour, energy, and coins as a donor, volunteer and/or patreon you are investing in Liberation For All as well as Afro, intersex leadership.

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