Trans Economic Justice Summit | September 11-12

Moon Phase: Waxing Moon Sun Phase: late Summer
Video: In My Body Meditation by: kuwa jasiri
Moment to Pause to honour Self, just as you are!

Beautiful Beings, Bright Rising + Bienvenido!

I am applying to facilitate a Liberation Meditation. The intention of this workshop is to explore liberatory ways to take up space. Using deep Ancestral majik we will journey from just being to demanding respect to resting to receiving unconditional love! This decolonial practice includes workshop norms, land acknowledgment, journal prompts, affirmations, actualizations, movements, body scanning and breathing techniques.

I am being led to a trans people of heritage, regularly facilitated, virtual meditation group! Do you know of one?!? This has been my search for a while and I am leaning towards being that which i seek. So if you, as a genderqueer person of heritage, have interest in joining such a community with meditations facilitated by me. Let me know! Otherwise the search continues.

So if you want to take part in my Liberation Meditation or/and any of the other great offerings at Trans Economic Justice Summit REGISTER!

This year’s theme is: Taking Up Space.

blue, white and green border swirls into a purple circle with the words TAKING UP SPACE!
blue, white and green border swirls into a purple circle with the words TAKING UP SPACE!

We are encouraging all Queer, Trans, Afro, Indigenous, People Of Heritage to unapologetically take up space in their everyday lives and professional environments. The Economic Justice Summit this year will strive to bring these voices to the front to uplift and liberate others. In our relentless pursuit of justice, the most valuable aspects are those of information, action, and community building.

As always we value you!

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