Seeking New Council Members

Ghanaian adinkra symbol representing the Sun has a circle in the middle and alternating rays of waves and triangles

Moon Phase: Luna Nuevo / New Moon
Sun Phase: late Summer
Pause to honour the potency of people

Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido!
Video: In My Body Meditation by: kuwa jasiri

Are you seeking a leadership role as a genderqueer Person Of Culture (Of Colour)?

Are you seeking a community that supports and centers all marginalized identities?

Do you crave a space that is passionate about social and environmental solutions?

Do you want to contribute to a grassroots initiative working on abolition so we can live in a more harmonious society?

If so, we welcome you to join Authentic Creations Artistic Apothecary on our Advisory Council. Our esteemed Council is made up of a small team of talentful professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. Who love what they do, and do it with vibrant energy, fun, play and grace. Always within our capacity.

The community members welcome new Advisory Council Members
Our leadership team welcomes new Advisory Council Members

Responsibilities Of Volunteer Council Members

  • Support and advance our organization’s mission, vision and ethics.
  • Circulate organizational campaigns.
  • Support the work of our Founding Steward.
  • Network to expand our services and programs.
  • Attend virtual funding interviews and Council meetings.
  • Actively advocate for our organization and our community.
  • Research grants and other money generating activities.
  • Be accountable for your words and actions.
  • Commitment to 1 year of service
  • Commitment to 8 hours per Moon cycle.
  • Attend in-person annual Leadership Summit

Best Candidates

  • Know who they are and are living their truth.
  • Advocate for liberation, abolition and gender inclusivity.
  • Have a connection to their Ancestry, Culture, Spirituality AND Nature.
  • Genderqueer People Of Culture
  • Especially transmen, Folks of Middle Eastern and Latino heritage.

To Apply Contact Us

  • Name, Pronouns, Title, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality, Affiliations, Passions, Interests, Languages
  • Direction that best serves you: North, South, West, Above, East, Center or Below
  • Indigenous territory you live on + Photo of Self
  • Accessibility accommodations

Consider partnering with Artistic Apothecary to affirm the societal greatness of genderqueer People Of Culture.

Junto Siempre!


kuwa jasiri (the one) laughs while on the porch interacting with the container garden
kuwa jasiri laughs while on the porch interacting with the container garden

Want to be part of the solution?

Consider donating to support me, the Founding Steward, kuwa jasiri Indomela (beauty/elle) in affording stable housing so I can continue to advocate for the mental health of our community. Your donations allow me to rest, release, deprogram colonial mentality, and nourish my nervous system. Donate via paypal or join our Seed Pod Giving Tree.

Together We Can

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