Goals Met During Solstice Season | Fundraiser Update

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Moon Phase: Waning Moon Sun Phase: after Summer Solstice
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We put out a call for support with our June Reparations Fundraiser! All donations went to me, the founding steward as a livable stipend for my solidarity work. As some of you may know, mutual aide work is usually volunteer work. I want to break that cycle and get paid to support my community. Part of that financial support comes from folks like you and is matched by foundation grants.

Thank you EVERYONE who shared, gave, hired me and sent prayers!

Showing our gratitude graphics outlines all the ways we are grateful!
Showing our gratitude graphics outlines all the ways we are grateful!

We welcome 3 new patrons: Isabel, Tiffani, Syon. Giving us a total of 15 patrons at 123$ Moonly!!

We raised 1,006$ from 12 patrons whose collective contribution totals 96$, 1 new patron at 5$, Matt’s 500$, 1 old patron who increased their pledge by $10, Junebug’s 100$ Rennie’s 100$, e-zine sale 3$, coaching session 120$, a 2nd new patron at 5$, Bean’s 20$, a 3rd new patron at 10$, merchandise sales of 32$ and Nico who gave 5$.

These generous community contributions are matched by Trans Justice Funding Project totaling 2,012$ in my pocket! I plan to use some of this money to celebrate by bearthday on July 25!

We are so grateful and humbled by your support. Both financially and engaging with our plaform.

As always we value you!

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