E-Zines Debut At Canzine Fest | May 8-15th

Zine cover of Sacred Land. thick brown-red outline drawing of Roberta Blackgoat is center right aftont a bobwire fence and Big Mountain. Rena Babbit Lane arms wide displays her hand woven rug.

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Beautiful Beings, Bright Rising + Bienvenido!

Moon Phase: Waning Moon Sun Phase: early Summer
Deep Sleep meditation
Moment to Pause to honour minerals

Shop our zines in colourful cut out letters. kuwa jasiri leans on a zine
Shop our zines in colourful cut out letters. kuwa jasiri leans on a zine


Upon turning in my article Community Based Reparations to a radical publishing collective they rejected it justifying “this will not be of interest to our community”. In this moment I realized the value of diverse publishers willing to amplify marginalized narratives. Diversity in publishing reflects the actual identities of the global majority. 

Motivated by our greatness I founded Authentic Creations as a publishing platform that tells true stories of triumph, unity and our connection to Nature. Where we uplift oppressed creators through mixed medium art forms. 


After much work we officially announce our E-Zine Collection. We shifted from paper zines to digital p.d.f. files for accessibility. With cornovirus came the closure of bookstores cutting into the reach of our zines. Digital zines are cheaper and orders are filled sooner since we skip the printers and post office. The one downfall is there is no longer a pack of Seeds in each zine. To remedy this we are selling Seeds from our zero waste community garden separate for domestic orders. We honour the rare Earth minerals in the electronics that we interact with e-zines on.

Spread of our 11 zines on a blue striped cloth
Spread of our 11 zines on a blue striped cloth


We are debuting our new line of e-zines in a community space- Canzine Fest, May 8-15th; with 4 e-zine bundles of up to 3 zines. If you only have interest in one of our eleven e-zines and/or also want Seeds purchase through our We Buy Black store. By participating in these ways you are celebrating me and allowing me to receive equitable pay for my community contributions.


Buy an e-zine | Hire me to make you a zine | Fund our work | Use our platform to tell your story | Our Musical | Our Newsletter | Write with an Incarcerated Pen Pal

As always we value you!

30 second reading from Birds, Bees and Beyond zine

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