Plant Identification and Food Preservation Video

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Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido!

Moon Phase: Waning Moon Sun Phase: after Spring Equinox
Elemental Meditation
Moment to Pause to honour the plants

Our episode #26 playback is now available on Soul Fire Farms Facebook Videos. I do acknowledge this was not our production and the video does NOT contain captions.

I had so much fun filming the episode with Leah and Shanelle. My plan is to get some salt brine in the refrigerator to make pickles!!! I definitely will apply to be on season 3 of Ask a Sista Farmer. If you have any additional questions comment here for some answers.

For more of our videos check out our youtube channel. Where all videos have captions. Perhaps you want to support our work becoming even more accessible consider joining our Patreon.

Also we have e-zines on topics like wild foraging, Natural rhythms, pollinators, herbal medicine and marginalized narratives. Find out other ways to support our publishing platform. Get our new original design merchandise at our new store!

We are offering 10$ Target gift certificates.
To enter the giveaway contact us with plants or Seeds you wild harvest.
Winners announced by email on New Moon, April 11th.

Please support us in reaching our goal of 20 followers by May 1st by joining our Youtube Channel.

As always we value you!

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