Liberation For All

trans and non binary elders exist. We are sacred majik!


Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido!

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finally figuring out this theme of Liberation For All and how to inform the masses. I keep up with different newsletters of organizations working towards abolition, justice, and utopia. Some of this information is from there and the rest are topics that pop up in my social group that need to be spread!

We are so grateful for all you folks that interact with this content. This material is known to bring about DISCOMFORT. Even in writing this I contend with the uneasy emotion. Always adding topics that bring up that feeling inside me. This is the only way to reprogram the hate instilled in me. So I ask you to do the same. click on the links, especially those that bring you DISCOMFORT.

With the each one, teach one model we ask that you continue spreading this information and uplifting these organizations as well as ours.

Capital Riots versus Black Lives Matter protests
Capital Riots versus Black Lives Matter protests

As People Of Heritage we know that we can only receive as much liberation as the pale (white) folks are willing to give us. We can push back, cancel, demand, advocate, be loud and proud although the real change comes from those who benefit from white privilege. March happenings. Living My Practice Wholeheartedly: Continued Conversations for Accomplices and Allies. White Privilege Conditioning: Meditation Tips for Loosening It

the King and Lies a conversation about supporting differently abled Afro folks by Tinu Abayomi-Paul.

Tourism and Relocation Ethics. In my opinon this goes for all traveling folks and also for those relocating as residents.

On 12 February, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked by a reporter whether the new Joe Biden administration intends to shut down the notorious Guantanamo Bay Prison by the end of the US president’s first term in office. Her non-committal answer was, “That’s certainly our goal and our intention.”

Mississippi is almost a month without electricity. We are working towards gathering resources so folks know where to turn for support.

Yellow vines weave through the words DISRUPT, DISMANTLE, DEFUND, DECOLONIZE in blue.
Yellow vines weave through the words DISRUPT, DISMANTLE, DEFUND, DECOLONIZE in blue.

wanting a template for creating eviction bans in your area? Check out Pittsburgh of Regional Renters and their ongoing campaign.

L’Eau Est la Vie at their Bayou Food Forest is seeks solidarity with their ongoing efforts to build volunteer shelters to house water protectors.

Gabriela Solano filed a 33-page class action complaint in the Northern District of California asking a judge to find that policies by Immigrations Customs Enforcement allowing private contractor G4S Secure Solutions to arrest immigrants for deportation violates the Immigration and Nationality Act, which prohibits using private security companies to make immigration arrests.

Colorado Name Change Project has grants for folks going through the name change proces!

celebration of the star-studded People Of Heritage industry professionals and the People Of Heritage owned indie bookstores.

Afro Owned Ride Sharing Is Here With The Feri Network. Whose primary feature is that drivers are able to earn 100% of a rider’s fare.

One Hundred People March in Kinłani/Flagstaff Calling for End to Police Violence Against Unsheltered Indigenous Relatives .

Forest Service Puts Sacred Oak Flat Land Giveaway on Temporary Hold with the intent to sell later.

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As always we value you!

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