Apprenticeship Opportunity

Two beings pose in the garden after volunteering


Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido!

Moon Phase: Waning Moon Sun Phase: before Spring Equinox
my new video: IN MY BODY meditation
Moment to Pause to reflect on your talents

For this seasonal opportunity we are seeking a multilingual, skilled apprentice to work with me Moonly trading labour for learning. I am looking for a majikal being who wants to get dirty, laugh, cry, have existential, and political conversations, burst into occasional spontaneous dances, and be up close, and intimate with Nature.

During this work exchange you will do tasks similar to:

`Making graphics for our programs and zine offerings
`Writing newsletters for our accessible zine offerings
`Researching organizations to solicit for our zine making service
`Captioning videos

Our apprentice is featured in our Moonly Newsletter and given a small stipend upon completion.


This opportunity is available remotely – internet needed and phone access helpful.

Term commitments are negotiable and can be length or task based. You will need to sign a comprehensive non-compete, and confidentiality agreement.

I am excited to learn with you. All ages welcome to apply. Great opportunity for seniors and students. This opportunity is only available to People Of Heritage (Of Colour).


Please support us in reaching our goal of 20 followers by Spring Equinox by joining our Youtube Channel.

As always we value you!

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