In My Body Meditation + Music Playlist

Find your FAMILY. on a black background. FAMILY in bubble letters contains all the gender/queer flags.


Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido!

Moon Phase: Waxing Moon Sun Phase: early Spring
my new video: IN MY BODY meditation
Moment to Pause and give yourself an affirmation

Staying in my body lately is soooo challenging. Between resurfacing past sexual tramua, being 25 weeks Spiritually Pregnant and the racism, I am unable to stay present with it all.

my new video: IN MY BODY meditation

Resting some how seems to keep me disconnected from self. I am such a doer that resting detaches me from that doing part of myself. I need to figure out how to shift that. I am working with a Rest Coach Syon Davis who is amazing!

Combating Oppression with Radical Self-Love: How Loving Our Bodies Unapologetically Can Change the World with Sonya Renee Taylor.

So i am emotionally releasing with this soundtrack.

Artist Name: Song Title

Angel Haze: Moonrise Kingdom

Angel Haze featuring Sia: Battle Cry

Sampha: (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano

Ruby Ibarra featuring Bambu: Dance (The Movement)

Duendita: Magdalena

Beautiful Chorus: Brilliant Mycelium

Laura Mvula: Green Garden

Pura Fe’: Sacred Seed

Whitney Houston: Greatest Love Of All

The Coup: The Guillotine

If you have some moments all of these are available on youtube.

As always we value you!

Human with long wavy head hair, and black arm and leg hair wears a dress that reads my existance is not about how attractive you find me

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