Liberation For All

Two Middle Eastern youth images are the background for text. I want us all to remember that we the people do have the power to make change, Saaia Faruqi


Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido!

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Moment of Silence to honour all your intersections!

We at Authentic Creations believe liberation is ONLY available for all or none. So we want to highlight our intersectional community. Please know discomfort may arise. Notice where and how it is in your body and release it! Consider exploring links where discomfort originated in an attempt to break the cycle, break the system.

I am not sure how to actually organize all of this. We are so valuable and intricate. I want everyone to feel validation and praise from this listing.

Intersex Justice Project is working on Intersex dignities include ending the at birth and infant sex surgeries.

For more body positivity this podcast You Can’t Change the World If You Hate Yourself and article Aubrey Gordon on Dealing With Aggressive Fatphobia. We encourage folks to abolish use of the Body Mass Index (B.M.I.) especially in health care and fitness. Join us at Combating Oppression with Radical Self-Love: How Loving Our Bodies Unapologetically Can Change the World with Sonya Renee Taylor.

Behind the Police. In front is an officer in blue, then a klu klux klan vigilante, flanked by a slave catcher.
Behind the Police. In front is an officer in blue, then a klu klux klan vigilante, flanked by a slave catcher.

Cancelling contracts with private prisons only accounts for 12% of the prison industrial complex and fails to release folks. Also missing in the cancelled contracts are the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) detention centers. New Jersey prison continues violence and sexual harassment. Never Forgotten is a campaing to free aging political prisioners. This is a campaign video for Leonard Peltier “I Will”. Learn about Kevin Cooper the innocent man on death row. We have solidarity with Prison Lives Matter and health demands for inmates. We have 6 inmate pen pals at our office and encourage you to write an inmate!

Defunding the police and holding them accountable is being put into practice. In “Oregon” they are transferring funds from the police budget to C.A.H.O.O.T.S. a 30 year old emergency response collective. While “New York” is cancelling credentials of fired officers. Police offficers being convicted of shooting and murdering black bodies while juvenile detention centers are prioritizing care over punishment . Critical Resistance created a toolkit to aide communities in abolishing police departments.

The Afro dollar only circulates within our community for just 6 hours. Rregularly we are spending millions of dollars collectively on trash bags, laundry detergent, toothbrushes, light bulbs, and dish soap. However, all of these dollars are leaving our community! Our goal is to help change this statistic from 6 hours to 6 weeks, and to help achieve this, we need 1 million people and families to Make The Switch to support Afro owned businesses! 

Nominate your local Afro community leaders for the Voices for Jusice Fund.

Instagram post read settler colonial “freedom” is founded on the fundamental willingness to kill lots of people.

In our work we are switching to the term DIFFERENTLY ABLED instead of Disabled taking into account lots of organizations that do solidarity work and support differently abled folks still use disabled. Disability Visibility Project has a great podcast lately featuring Healthcare Rationing in the midst of a global pandemic and Afro Doctors. Celebrate their 100th episode in April.

Ebony Isis Booth of Honeysuckle Creatives is offering 3 free sessions of therapy which she calls coaching. If you are currently in therapy there is is Loveland Therapy Fund for Afro folks. A unique grief writing workshop for People Of Heritage February 15-16.

Indigenous Action Media has two new posters: Stop believing in authority and Relocation is genocide.

A workshop for Accomplices. Living Your Practice February 7.

Nonhuman Rights Project currently advocates for the basic dignities of caged animals and their release. One of their active court cases is for Happy an Elephant at the Bronx Zoo.

A somatic support group for genderqueer, People Of Heritage by Fearless Femme 100. Take some moments to learn about Afro playwrights of the Harlem Renaissance.

Some of us do not make enough money to file taxes. To still receive government stimulus checks apply here.

Climate Change e-learning platform ClimAlt is now open for users as ALL big banks cancel funding for Artic drilling. The Alliance Center podcast Climate Bridges is a great place to envision a sustainable future for all.

Please check our previous blog post Liberation For All for more ways to acknowledge our communities intersections.

As always we value you!

Yellow vines weave through the words DISRUPT, DISMANTLE, DEFUND, DECOLONIZE in blue.

One way we are able to keep up with the work in all our intersections is through Patreon supporters! Considering an ongoing financial donation to keep our work live! Our goal is 10 Patrons by Spring Equinox!

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