Community Seed Drive

15 Students gather on the floor around 100 Corn cobbs of many colours during a workshop.


Beautiful Beings, Bienvenido!

Seed Keeping // Conservacíon de Semillas Video
Moment of Silence to honour the Seeds you have collected!

The only things in life that are free to use – libraries, oceans, air – and those even have some restrictions. Only 150 years ago so to free were all Seeds.

Our mission is to once again have all Seeds shared collectively and freely among our people as is our 10,000 year old tradition. Seeds teach interdependence, cultural values, communal harmony and deep Ancestry wisdom.

Equitable Seed Companies and growers are sprouting up and Benefit Sharing with Indigenous Folks around the globe. This centers the original Seed stewards needs while engaging with their Seeds and culture. This is now becoming a norm in ethical Seed saving.

Community Seed Drive requesting Seeds: herbs, wildflowers, wildgrass, vegetables and fruits
Vibrant blue Grape Hyacinth and yellow Dandelion.
Community Seed Drive requesting Seeds: herbs, wildflowers, wildgrass, vegetables and fruits

Use which ever picture resonates with your peers.

As much as we love offering cultural Seeds to our community we know something is better than nothing and welcome all types of Seeds to keep our community in rest!

We are able to receive Seed donations via the United States Postal Service February + March.


What are some solutions to get folks growing from Seeds?

“Science can only document what is dead in Nature.” – A Wise being

A hand reaches out to a blue flower.
Cultural Seed Drive requests Seeds native to west Africa, the Caribbean, and Dine’ Nation.

As always we value you!

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