Best Cinema in 2020

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Beautiful Beings,

Moon Phase: Full Moon Sun Phase: after Winter Solstice
Our zine Sacred Land made S.A.P. Pressing Fave Zines of 2020 list
Moment of Silence for representation! May we experience ourselves in the wider world.

Habari Gani? What is the news? I will make this quick as we are in the midst of Day 2 Kujichagulia of Kwanzaa.

First up Mo’nique has called for a boycott of Netflix due to racial and gender bias. If you are on Netflix ask your pale friends to buy you some other platform account. United we are strong!

" if you cut your chains you free yourself. If you cut your roots you die." African Proverb with chain image

Are you in need of cinema that represents our community and values? Me too. I am always on the hunt for such work and want to share this with you!

Most are from 2020 if not they are labeled with the year. These range in genres but most are light hearted, uplifting narratives. Please comment any others you have!!!! I need that. I will love to know what keeps your spirit high!

I am doing more research into cinema with exceptionally abled, differently abled, disabled and genderqueer leads. So stay tuned for those!

Broke Season 1

Tuca and Bertie Season 1

Masaba Masaba Season 1

Sneaker Heads Season 1

Gentefied Season 1

Head Of State 2003 Movie

Undercover Brother 2002 Movie

The Lovebirds Movie

Black-ish Season 4, 2016
Magical Girl Friendship Squad Season 1

The Last Conception Movie

Knock Down The House Movie

Project Power Movie

Black Lightning Season 1-3

First Wives Club 2019 Season 1

Inside Out 2015 Movie

Just Wright Movie, 2010

See You Yesterday Movie, 2019

My Octopus Teacher Documentary

Hidden Figures 2016 Movie

Sweet Vicious 2015 Season 1 – pale cis-women vigilantes that target sexual assailants.

Twenties Season 1

American Soul Season 1-2

Black and Privileged Volume 1

Also wanting to shout out some Comedians:
Sammy Obeid, Nazeem Hussain, Comedy Hype, Correy Bell and Slam Poet Kit Yan
If any queer women of culture have interest in Film and Democracy check out this organization!

As always we value you!

2 thoughts on “Best Cinema in 2020”

  1. I love this list. A lot of these I’ve seen or have been meaning to, so I’m excited for the new recommendations as well. Thank you!


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