Breaking Harmful Patterns video + New Channel

Emerging Together Tree with Eye leaves, snake trunk and roots. Flanked by a Crescent Moon and Sun


Beautiful Beings,

Moon Phase: New Moon Sun Phase: before Winter Solstice
Name Change Ceremony on January 2
Moment of Silence for all those working on themselves

This is Part two, video above, in our Winter Series and Part 3, Genderqueer, Polyamours, Spiritual Pregnancy, is yet to appear. If you missed part 1, video below, you still have a chance to experience my gender and sexuality journey.

Next Sunday is Plants As Medicine Part 1 video which is a workshop I did at the Unversity of San Francisco Anthropology Course of Professor Mayo Buenafe-Ze. Later this Winter will be Plants As Medicine Part 2 which is more games, playfulness and fun while bringing in more culinary aspects.

We are also doing some more video series cinema reviews (craig of the creek, pose), my third album (you know me), do it yourself lifestyle tutorials (vision boarding, candle making, stick and poke tattoos). Some videos from our Grow Together Musical.

So many videos on the horizon. YOu can also let us know what types of videos will meet your needs?!?

OOOOH! We made our own youtube channel!!We took off last Sunday from making videos to get our online community started. So please join our channel and let folks know we exist on youtube now! First Patreon, NOW youtube.

We are showing up and we ask the same from you. Definitely share our channel to make our community more accessible. All our videos have captions and with more patrons we can add interpreters and create space for more folks. We still have videos on the old channel so you can find all those gems!

If you get anything from Authentic Creations please consider donating, uplifting our work on your social platforms, joining our youtube channel and/or becoming and patron! Donations are maked by foundation grants and those with trust funds! yes!!

As always we value you!

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