New Zine: Seed Keeping

Rainbow Logo designed by kuwa jasiri


Beautiful Beings,

Moon Phase: Full Moon Sun Phase: Before Winter Solstice
Breathing Meditations: By Vimalasara
Moment of Silence for clarity of your vision, your next big happening.

some behind the scenes with our new zine!

First a shout out to our previous apprentice Sarang Yoon who was a huge help in keeping this zine on track! THANK YOU! I am hoping to fine tune my creative process but am true to myself and my feelings while artistic. which means lots of days off to rest!

We have a ZINE MAKING SERVICE! if any of your organizations, campaigns and/or grassroot initiatives want to get a message out in a fun, simple, creative, interactive way consider making a zine! The process takes about 1 Moon cycle and lasts many generations.

Zine available at our WE BUY BLACK online zine store. If you care and prioritize buying from Afro descendants and love zines. We have a place for you!! We just started forming relationships with local printers in Taino territory and the postal service so WE READY! are you?

How are your New Moon intentions taking shape this Full Moon? If you have yet to make any connect in with the Full Moon and create some.

I have both Authentic Creations based intentions and personal ones! What are you alls meditation practices? I am focusing on meditation and self care for the first two hours I am awake. But sitting in silence is not my jam. So doing some dance, guided meditation and stretching. Oh yeah just started journaling then too! or painting my nails. also shower and sew my clothes. I notice many of these actions also amplify my self worth!!

As always we value you!

Thank you for valuing People Of Heritage and the work we do to keep our community in wellness. Donations are matched dollar for dollar and go towards cultural revitalization and spiritual tending. Your generous support grants us the flexibility to meet the most pressing needs our community.

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