Liberation for All

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Beautiful Beings,

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Moment of Silence for yourself! May you listen to your body and trust your intuition

Part 1 of a three part series. Signed zine available on Patreon.

We at Authentic Creations believe liberation is ONLY available for all or none. So we want to highlight our intersectional community. Please know discomfort may arise. Notice where and how it is in your body and release it! Consider exploring links where discomfort originated in an attempt to break the cycle, break the system.

I am not sure how to actually organize all of this. We are so valuable and intricate. I want everyone to feel validation and praise from this listing.

Trans Remembrance was highlighted in our last post and in the above video I describe my own gender journey. TRANSforming Gender Conference November 24 is now open for registration and last months workshops are available on their youtube channel, I attended and recommend Intersex 101.

As most of you know our community is disproportionately in prison. while we demand and work towards abolition we witness the narratives of inmates and parolees. David Gilbert, those at San Quentin State Prison, and the Marshall Project that tracks coronavirus in prison.

Speaking of the viral pandemic… We give a shout out to parents and some tips for the moment. As some of you know Daryl and I are 12 weeks Spiritually Pregnant!!! more on that in Part 3 of the video series.

Indigenous Peoples Day is November 26, refuse the colonial feast. Seek out and listen to indigenous wisdom. Reimagine Indigenous Theater, find out whose land you are on, get lessons from the frontlines, follow the overall movement, get news from water protectors, join First Nation campaigns, partake in arts and activism, aide Native sovereignty, purchase Native games, arts and crafts.

We raise up and follow the stories of immigrants in sanctuary. Mostly the life and journey of Rosa and her campaign Rosa Belongs Here.

Disability Justice is multi facet including mental and physical ailments. Many organizations are helping the disability community and accomplices make the world more friendly. Los Angeles Spoonie Collective, Icarus Project is now Fireweed Collective, Reimagine Accessible Theater, great films about disabled folks, the effects of coronavirus on disabled folks and disabled immigrants. We also want to point out that much of the world is becoming more accessible due to stay-at-home orders. PLEASE keep what accessibility you have created in your work, organizing and social circles long after COVID-19; our liberation depends on you.

We believe in reparations and the struggle for Afro lives depend on reckoning the wealth built by the slave economy. Black Lives Matter get your news on Riots For Rights directly from the groups demanding change. Disability Justice for African descendants. Art collectives that make Afro futures better. Follow Afro racial justice groups. Advocate for Afro cultural food sovereignty. We also blog about centering blackness, where we uplift folks with black and darker skin tones of every ethnicity.

While stewarding this grassroots organization I have been houseless, couch surfing, living in my car and thankfully only one night on the actual streets. In this moment I am still housing insecure although our Patrons, community donations and matching foundation grants allow me to get paid for my work which is slowly offering me some housing stability. Remember you uplifting Authentic Creations Publishing Apothecary helps me meet my basic needs. Public transportation and affordable housing are huge needs. Because of stay-at-home orders and the risk of contracting a deadly virus millions are facing eviction.

We definitely have a focus on the intersections of people while recognizing non-human animals in cages and the war on the environment and our plant allies. Like the title reflects Liberation for all is truly for all that share this planet.

I am sleepy! so thanks for taking this journey with me and witnessing the many parts and campaigns in our community. We are amazing and fabulous! Maybe you need a self-care lift, here is a video that might help!

As always we value you! Donations are matched dollar for dollar and go towards cultural revitalization and spiritual tending. Your generous support grants us the flexibility to meet the most pressing needs our community.

2 thoughts on “Liberation for All”

  1. Hey Kuwa Jasiri, I just watched your video Come Out Come Out. Wow!!! Thank you so much for your vulnerability and for knowing yourself and sharing it with me. You put some words to things I’ve felt myself, and I will be mulling them over for some time to come.

    I also am so grateful for your self care zine. I need to keep it nearby and open it up often to remind myself. What great reflections for my wintertime inner workings and ancestral healing.

    Thank you for being!!



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