You likey, please donate!

Authentic Creations. A Hummingbird approached a flower



Beautiful Beings,

Moon Phase: New Moon
Sun Phase: before Autumnal Equinox

Video: Mansa Musa, precolonial Mali King, worth 400$ billion
Prayer: May you recognize your privilege(s) then use them to the benefit of all.

Thank you for valuing People Of Heritage and the work we do to keep our community in wellness. Donations are matched dollar for dollar and go towards cultural revitalization and spiritual tending.

Your donations allow our programs to be financially accessible or free to People Of Heritage especially genderqueer and/or low-income folks. Community donations are also a requirement for us to continue to receive large grants from foundations.

We encourage pale (white) folks with the means (IS THIS YOU?) to make a lasting commitment to racial justice and anti-blackness by giving to People Of Heritage families. It is not enough for pale folks to simply believe in the cause of racial justice or health care for all. To create an equitable society, those of us who have benefited from racial privilege must contribute money, labour, and resources.

Did you know that more than one million dollars worth of gift cards go unused each year?  We encourage you to put your unneeded gift cards to use by sharing them with us. If you have some you would like to donate, please contact us.

movimiento new logoTax Deductible Donations provided through our Fiscal Sponsorship with:
501 (c)(3) number: 73-168337

We are so grateful for our sponsors:

People like you! Moonly contributors!!! Seed Companies! Folks that purchase zines!

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