Centering blackness

Authentic Creations. A Hummingbird approached a flower
Authentic Creations. A Hummingbird approaches a flower


Beautiful Beings,

Moon Phase: New Moon
Sun Phase: before Autumnal Equinox

Art: https://www.diandviation.com/art/
Prayer: May self love propel you forward!

In an attempt to showcase love, compassion and support for blackness. We are doing a feature on me, kuwa jasiri Indomela, the Founding Steward of Authentic Creations Publishing Apothecary.

Somethings about me, I am genderqueer using the one and this one as my pronouns. I began this grassroots group in 2011. My passion is Seeds and regaining a connection to the Earth (Natural world). I am currently enrolled in Seed Seva with Rowen White. So full of excitement to start my studies in November. I do seek a Seed Partner to journey with me for a Sun cycle (year) while I am in my studies to reflect, share, and create.

I am working on my third music album. As a song writer I attempt to create inclusion and narrate lifestyles that need representation – like my own! I am totally in love with zines and working on my tenth zine, Seed Keeping. I am also continuing the life journey of self love and deprogramming my internalized racism. I received two writing scholarships recently from Race Baitr and Sara Thompson Magical Mermaid Scholarship. For that I am so grateful.

I am totally struggling with this new layout posting system. So sad since I just figured out how to us the old one.

Black Lives Matter Rally with fist sign and biker.
love yourself always on a orange background
An about kuwa jasiri by Professor Mayo Buenafe-Ze

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