Winter begins!


In my spiritual tradition, Winter begins November 1st! Now we descend into darkness when I believe the veil between us and the spirit world is the thinnest. Lots of cultures are using this season to honour our deep connections to the spirit realm and Ancestry.



Some images from Indigenous Peoples Day.

How to align with season:
~Go Inward
~Deep Reflection
~Honoring Elders

Seasonal Reading List: Believe In The Corn By: RObert Mirabal and Nelson  Zink

A Music Playlist that my Seed Buddy and I made up!

Pura Fe’: Sacred Seed
Drezus: Get Up!
Ruby Ibarra: Us
Princess Nokia: Brujas
Shensea: Blessings
Kim Mortal: Sad Femme Club
Ciara: Level Up
Tobe Nwigwe: Shine
Nitty Scott: La Diaspora

if you all want to share any music with us please do!

oh yes, my Ancestry sent me to a pale cis-men led Seed School, wait….???! As you may know, when you are summoned, you respond. So I did. I met some Phillipines and an Omaha Indigenous mother. Oooh! So… we infiltrated. Ah! I will take mine with tea! you know i be celebrating!

This is my 4th event with the intent to make space for our people. 3rd success. And I pushed further than ever. Much gratitude to the 5 People Of Heritage in the course and our will and determination to work together towards victory! Wondering how to share the Art of Infiltration with the world. You know I am always leveling up! I wish the same for you while doing this potent work!

Just finished my first contacted zine in full colour about Pollinators. Another celebration!

IMG_20191020_085640.jpg       pollinator zine coverIMG_20191020_090107.jpgemerging flyer.jpg

Emerging Together
Stay in the loop!

We leave this afternoon for the Organizing Retreat!! We have plans to confirm the venue. This is the third venue we are scouting –> send us prayers for pale folks that are fighting the whiteness and making space for us.

We are reaching out to Indigenous Foods Chefs so we can get our Ancestral grub on and Together For Brothers a young men of colour group to faciliate on toxic masculinaty and The Return Of Our Men.

This event is by invite only. So please spread the word to those you love and those you admire and those you wish rest upon.


Keep celebrating!! Scotch Porter an African descendant owned business, Calvin Quallis, sent us 53 pounds of hygiene for our Sustainable Care Packges that go to Indigenous Dine’ families resisting forced relocation by Peabody Coal and the government. Huge thank you to them for prepackaging 40 bags with bar soap, hair care, face wash, and wipes.

scotchporter donation.jpg

We are perpetually fundraising. Our gofundme is at 1,038$. Huge thank you to the community!! Check out our newest campaign, which goes live on 11/15 and SeedMoney is offering grants based on funds raised.

The Youth Of Colour in our community we celeberate annually at a beginning of Summer Block Party and we made a video to share the love.

wild wisdom cover

We are revamping our ZINES AND SEEDS collection. We have a new zine review for Wild Wisdom. Check out Nyx of Sea Green Zines unwrap our package starting minute 24:21 and review in blog.

first aide coverFirst Aide to Fight Adversity zine is a labor of love co-created by an herbalist and the Rosehip Medic Collective. This beautifully illustrated and updated zine is equal parts first aide primer, herbal reference guide, and personalized notebook featuring bilingual content with page numbers, medical terminology, anatomical and botanical guides in Spanish and English. First Aide to Fight Adversity is a tender and excellent introduction to the knowledge and ethics of those who seek to provide care to others in these dark times. Its decolonial narrative on health and wellbeing thankfully pries care work from the cold hands of industrialized, white medical hegemony and demands accountability and respect for indigenous practice and worldview. Our collective, Appalachian Medical Solidarity, is excited to offer Indomela’s zine as supplemental material to our first aide and street medic training courses. As always, with any specialized knowledge, please seek the instruction of trained and vetted healers before performing first aide, always work within your skill set, and above all: Do No Harm. – Nat, AMS collective member”

What is next on your self-care list? Do It. Did It. Deserve It.



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