Half Moon…

hujambo uzuri,

oh yeah that is Kiswahili for greetings beauty!

So I am go go go. and need to say no no no. more often. *deep breath* my heart was pumping stranger than normal and i had massive tension in one of my eyes. Yet I said onward… to zine fest! Thankfully Enterprise rent a car is wrapped up in the credit card industry and lacking customer service so I never made it out of town.

Now i feel refreshed and ahead of my do list! I got frightened recently thinking of dying with lots of unfinished tasks. Then my friend said “if you feel overwhelm you have too much going on.” ah so true. So now i am caught up (i wish) more like doing tasks that have been lounging around for Moon cycles.

So I cancelled going to both zine fests.
Instead I went on a Leaders Of Colour outting with two allies. crew.JPG

We visioned about the need for a permanent People Of Heritage community center and garden space. So of course I am on the phone to donors wondering if this is a reality. Also we are in the process of being added to the Land Reparations Project.

Upcoming Events!
National Coming Out Day – October 11 – were we will release the mini zine
Come Out, Come Out… As What?, have a Seed Swap and network with folks about the new community center and garden.
Indigenous Peoples Day – October 14 – obtaining lots of gear for the houseless folks we support, offering a hot meal. Truly not fully figured out! but we shall rise!

there is much to celebrate!Lake Nighthourse.jpg

1. the donations keep rolling in. We are grateful!
2. we received 1,500$ from the Relic Trust as matching funds for our gofundme campaign
3. we are recentering Seeds in our programs


In general, I want to grow up to be someone that really values self-care. Someone who gets the job done well and always leaves moments to chill, laugh and play! Oh and plently of commitment-free moments to reconnect with Self! With that said…access to my humble beginnings.

My favourite exercise is to make a long list of self-care I need and do it all!!


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