Waxing Moon

Hujambo Uzuri, Bienvenida!

thank you sincerely for following my journey.


Freshly back from Boriquen (Puerto Rico) with one of my light-skin best friends who is Indigenous to there. But can we seriously acknowledge how troublesome airplane travel is? Oh and the maze that is an international airport. Thankfully we found a sign that said ground passenger with some chairs! genius.


me and seastar


Otherwise total bliss! Or you know… I got through the tuff moments; my friend was totally advocating for me and I was allowing them full autonomy of our travel schedule. Oh you know me… I did plenty of ritual and ceremony and my friend got Santeria spiritual items. We finally got breakfast waffles for dinner at the last moment. We made a list of all the wonder and awe to experience and did it all!! also my friend gave me a stick and poke tattoo of a Afrikan Seastar (starfish), their first tattoo given, my 12th to receive! Needs a second round of attention. But the majik is in the base layer!

As always we are gearing up for some big moments.
My second zine fest in Pueblo Territory, Albuquerque New Mexico is October 5.

Then my third zine fest is Tono O’dom Territory, Phoenix Arizona October 20.

I am attempting in the near future to sell my zines from my website. Perhaps more distant future. But my digital consultant upgraded, encryted, taught me how to use some basic functions and secured my computer so their seems to only be the limitation of my lack of tech skills. Oh yeah! If you have any ideas on how to make a selling platform on a wordpress, contact me. I need you! Or help in general.

I always got big dreams, high standards, and a need to stay above the curve. I got this buzzer, the kind you use in games to signal a mess up or oops moment. I use it in my circadian life when people microaggress me. I just buzz them and keep on…

Okay Okay I know you want to know my newest zines. Me too! But first I got contacted by Mural Arts to make a pollinator zine. My first contract zine to be complete later this Fall.

self-care-zine-cover.jpgCome out Come Out… As What?! is my first one page zine, or half page double sided. Is my journey of exploring my genderqueer identities.

<— Self-Care zine. More for the emotions, spirit and release of trauma. Topics like moving through grief, sexual therapy, physical therapies, communication styles, emotional support and tracking patterns.

Also in the works…
A genderqueer excellence Moon calendar. Share with me the genderqueer of heritage folks that inspire you? I will add them in. Also if your Ancestry has a word for genderqueer folks that can be used outside of the tribe please let me know those?!
This zine also features Wild Transition or herbal options for hormone therapy.

Some of you know our main funding comes from the Lush Cosmetics Grant. We are rallying them a volunteer opportunity with us. So they can get more familiar with our practices, programs and solidarity work October 3 at their shop in Pueblo Territory.
You are also invited?!!

My only request is that we return to Boriquen by boat! On the highway of our Ancestry.

EmergingTogether-03OH so we got a date and some possible venues for Emerging Together: A Liberatory Majik and Art Camp for People Of Heritage. July 2-7. Both community facilities are in colonized Oregon none of which are People Of Heritage owned, totally sad, but I do love checking white privilege. So onward… Registration opens February 14th. We have 15-30 spots available and additionally a waiting list of 10 folks.

Also in this moment I am overnighting at Four Winds American Indian Council in Arapaho Territory, Denver Colorado. An initiative that stewards Turtle Island (Amerikkka) Indigenous plants and lifeways.

I did write a song about this. The end of the chorus goes “strength in numbers. Find your people. Loud about it, we equal equal.” Also at the moment learning languages and integrating them into songs in the near future.

Seasonal Book List Image

brown reads.jpg


Currently we have a GoFundMe campaign. Please share this information and help us reach our goals. All money raised on GoFundMe is matched by the Relic Trust. Please share this campaign with your friends and family and let them know why you value the work we do.

Are you in alignment with the Fall? Aspects such as inwardness, adding layers of clothing, stargazing, thin veil between us and spiritual realm, last harvest!

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