Partial Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon

Uzuri Hujambo,

I want to send all you folks engaging with this newsletter LOVE!! I am so grateful for the work I create and the folks I support, thanks for the reminders and inspiration.

I am currently enrolled in Herbal Freedom School although the course is rapidly waning and completes August 5. I plan to use my soon-to-be available moments to read, gain fluency in Español, write a several new zines and receive abdominal massage treatments.


Seasonal Book List

100 Years from Now Our Bones Will Be Different  by Lawrence McWilliams & Anand Vedawala
Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight Against Medical Discrimination by Alondra Nelson

When The World Was Black by Supreme Understanding

Farming While Black By Leah Penniman
<—image dedication page)

Collective Courage: A Story Of Afrikan American Cooperative Economic thought and practice by Jessica Gordon nembhard

Making All Black Lives Matter: Reimagining freedom by Barbara ransby

The piano less by August Wilson

—>Can anyone recommend some sailing books? either how to or stories.

June was plenty full, vibrant and lush! Thanks in part to my new tabling sign, Privilege Check,  which really brings in some quality conversations, more dollars and startles folks who are not ready to do the work. Yes! Also the Moon cycle to do a Pre-colonial cleanse. I did lots of reflection about wheat, soy, factory corn, out of season foods, and foods that ship long distances on land and/or across the Sea.

Image from the Food Justice Symposium. Lots of engaging conversations including validating blackness and the return of our men. In my own life I am decolonizing my intimate partnerships, and owning Brown Love as revolutionary. In July I renew my vows to myself and my brown life partner in a tandem wedding with my friend marrying themselves.

July is Zine Awareness Moonth. Sticky Institute in Australia is my newest zine distro. Shipped out an order to arrive July 11 International Zine Awareness. July 16 is an Partial Lunar Eclipse. Stay tuned for the review by Jamie Nyx of Sea Green Zines of my zine Wild Wisdom (formally Botanical Anatomy).

block party



Block party image—>

My Seeds of heritage are slowly arriving. I will give an update on that soon and write a follow up article for Seed Broadcast Journal.







Arapho Zine Fest

This image is my table at Zine Fest, in Arapaho Territory, Denver. My needs request was to have a table between two people of Afrikan descent which was sheer bliss! That will always be my request from now on. Next batch of zine fests our in October.

We are having our FIRST organizers face-to-face meeting for Emerging Together: A Liberatory Majik Camp For People Of Heritage. Logo release in our new video. We made this film for our Mountain Rose Herb grants for plants application.



Currently we have a GoFundMe campaign. Please share this information and help us reach our goals. All money raised on GoFundMe is matched by the Gamma Mu Foundation.

Are you in alignment with the Summer? Aspects such as playfulness, social, Nature. Engage with plants that have strong connections with the Sun: Dandelion, Tansy, Saint Jeans Wort. I want to remind you all that Eclipse Season goes till August 1st. It is best to avoid deep majik until the season passes. My research also sohws Chamomile heightens the affects of eclipse majik. Which I already think is potent enough, so me and my pal Chamomile are taking space.

Beautifully Brown, like me is 11 copies till retirement to celebrate this victorious occasion the zine is available for free downloads. This zine sold 262 copies in 19 months and distributed 175 copies for free to our community. BeautifullyBrownZine

I am so grateful for the 8 of you that gave us donations thus far!! Please share this campaign with your friends and family and let them know why you value the work we do.


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