Flash forward!

Uzuri Hujambo,

I want to thank you all for treading this journey with me.

I am currently enrolled in Herbal Freedom School a course with the School of Liberation Healing and Medicine. My study buddy is Naima, they are epic and the reason I am recommending you all get somebody to reflect with. Be them your Ancestral Council, Spiritual Therapist, Partner and/or Ally in this life work. It makes a HUGE difference.

I am freshly back from the front range where I was tabling for The Queer Writing Expo at the LGBT Center in Arapaho Territory, Denver. Sold some zines, networked, learned I have no intentions to write a character based fiction book. Also met a few Durang-a-tangs! Oh and my new tabling sign has a Privilege Check section, which really brings in some quality conversations and more dollars.

queer writing expo

Sticky Institute in Australia has interest in selling my zines. WHOA! so yea, between all the many things I do I am making this a reality. International Zine sales to go along with my International Speaker title. Jamie Nyx of Sea Green Zines, also ‘down under’ will be reviewing my zine Wild Wisdom (formally Botanical Anatomy). For those of you who do not know, my zines are actually the outlines of curriculum for the workshops I teach minus the personal zines, they just my life. Oh and of which, Beautifully Brown, That Is Me is now in the world and Beautifully Brown, like me is off the market but available for free downloads shortly.

Keep vigil about my newest zines, Fall release of the Queer Excellence Turtle Shell Moon Calendar, pre-orders available ships out in October. Highlights legendary queer folks who made way for visibility, deletion of genderqueer based discrimination laws and respect for our people. also writing a primer on the basic functions of our body systems, how to make remedies, different modalities and whatever else finds their way into the pages possibly not out till spring. I am also working a Dine’ Solidarity Zine that makes it easier for folks to find the legacy of the supporters and join the Dine’ resistance.

Before the Expo, I was submerged in the Middle School of Colour groups. Where we made youth requested medicines for their end of school year Block Party. We made 116 ounces of medicine for ourselves, peers and community members that attended the 4th annual Youth of Colour Block Party. Some of this work in featured in our local newspaper.

youth of colour block party medicine

On my way to the Food Justice Symposium where I will engage in pre-colonial meals, implementation strategies for our region, networking, sharing the work I do, seed stewardship and swaps. You know the men and boys will circle up for a discussion on patriarchy and how to regain a valuable place in the community.

As some of you know, I have a plot at the Community Garden where I focus on plants from my heritage. Epic! I also wrote an article, Remembering and Returning, about this in the Seed Broadcast Journal #12.

My first Zine Fest is June 23, in Arapaho Territory, Denver. Can you give me some pointers? Otherwise stop by the booth and giggle a bit!

June is also decolonize your diet themed. So with some People Of Heritage in the region we are focusing on this.

We are having our FIRST organizers face-to-face meeting for Emerging Together: A Liberatory Majik Camp For People Of Heritage. An event many many Sun Cycles in the making that was birthed from our affinity group at Free Cascadia Witch Camp. Epic news local Graphic Designer, Kamaljit Punia, is making a logo/illustration for the event which we will roll out this Fall!

As Summer tends to go I am busy!! But I want to make space for all you that follow and contribute to the necessary, life sustaining work we do! THANKS!!

On that note, We currently have a GoFundMe campaign. Please share this information and help us reach our goals. All money raised on GoFundMe is matched by the Gamma Mu Foundation.

We are open to an Apprentice this Summer. Our office is in Nucchu Territory, Durango, Colorado. contact us.

You all better know June 19, Juneteenth, we celebrate the emancipation of chattel slavery on this continent. I use my freedom from chattel slavery to offer wellness to my people, plant based education, and sing from the tops of Trees about my genderqueer awesomeness. Join me, eh!

I also want to give a huge shout out to the Universe who continues to offer me miracles and teach me trust. May these life lessons sink deep into my body to my soul, may i pass these teachings on for generations.

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